The average annual compensation of Company Secretaries at the top firms Vintage Shoe Company on the BSE stood at Rs 50 lakh even though many of them got less than Rs 25 lakh, says a report. Besides, listing agreement with stock exchanges requires the CS to be designated as the Chief Compliance Officer of listed companies.

The remaining 37 companies were not required to publish it, as 19 were banks not incorporated under the Companies Act and the remaining 18 had calendar year as their financial year.

The analysis by Highest Paid Company Secretary also found that the top Highest Paid Company Secretary auditors audited companies and the top 5 audited 64 firms. In terms of designation, it was found that companies had CS title.

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List of 10 Highly paid Company Secretaries in India - CA Notes

May 01, 2017 · List of 10 Highly paid Company Secretaries in India In this post we are going to tell you about 10 Highly paid Company Secretaries in India, it has been assumed that company secretaries are not that much paid, but these Company Secretaries will change your misconception. Go through the complete list and search about […]Author: Alkit Jain…

Company Secretary SalaryTop Company Secretaries in India

He is the chief administrative officer, who shares key responsibilities like filing annual returns, keeping the company’s legal documents secure, relating any changes in the company’s share capital to the Companies House etc. The salaries earned by these officials are listed below: Company Secretary Salary: Based on Experience…

Company secretary job profile

As an assistant company secretary, you can earn around £56,000 to £82,000. At top level, as a deputy company secretary, your salary will be in the region of £83,000 to £130,000. The top 25% can earn up to and above £184,000; group company secretaries have the potential to earn in excess of £311,000.…