Gary, tell us about how your company began. The elevated Dog Food Lagoon keeps uninvited ants away and the Grate Grind mortar and pestle that out performs all others.

We only offer new unique designs or ones that that have proven themselves over time and remain in our line. Was there a pivotal event or product that propelled the early success of your business? The Hotjo was the pioneer for Face Company Hyderabad and the way for all our new travel systems Lh Company make today.

Are there any specific designers, places or eras that influence you? The natural world is beautiful and perfect; man is arguably the top dog of the animal kingdom, the only one that creates aside from beavers, birds and bees. We can see amazing works of fine art, design, architecture that is inspirational — but the natural world ultimately wins the global design award. How do you choose which idea to take to product development?

We consider and then develop many ideas at once; some, like our wave energy developments are two decades and counting.

Only the best are picked Highwave Company introduced when ready. Some ideas can take years and others in days with our latest 3D printer. How do you identify the key user audience for your products? First, we discover a simple or Ugly Mug Coffee Company universal problem and consider solutions. When we have an elegant solution that will satisfy enough people or some dogs! Our designs typically satisfy a problem or need which we have experienced and we enjoy the fun of finding a better way.

How do new technologies influence your product design? Do you use 3-D printing, Kickstarter or other platforms to develop or launch products? All media is fair game including traditional methods used in our product development process. We have a friend who will destroy anythingand we make sure he has a sample to abuse, before we go any further. Our friends, family and colleagues assist with new designs and prototypes, go day-to-day testing with associates and a daughter, none of whom are afraid to let us know what they really think.

How do you use social media? It is truly amazing and offers huge opportunities for communication which never existed. We hope to always be Rivermen Brewing Company and we will…we hope. Shannon is a student at an Oregon college and cannot attend, but she designed a product and is pictured in the catalog.

Where are your products manufactured? We manufacture our goods in ethical factories overseas and also here in the U. We have always made anything here in the U. There are only two places in the world for mouth-blown double wall glass and the U.

Can you give us a preview of what you will be showing in your booth in Discover Design? The Pure is the first purification vessel for a dog and allows the dog owner to use water from ponds or lakes, which may have poor water quality. Yolid is our new lid for your coffee shop visit.

Yolid has a rotating strap for a leak-tight seal even with a knockdown. The ROAM is our new 17 oz. With Highwave Company leak-tight, easy-grip rubber top, the full vacuum vessel is always ready for your next adventure.

The intuitive no-look push button and drinking allows you to take a sip without demanding attention. Thank you, Gary, for this background on your company and your latest products. We look forward to seeing your assortment in Discover Design N Retailers looking for the unique will find early design leaders at Discover Design located at the front of the North Building.

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When Gary Ross founded Highwave in 1983 it was his lifelong love of nature and the ocean, which inspired both the name and direction of his company. When Gary Ross founded Highwave in 1983 it was his lifelong love of nature and the ocean, which inspired both the name and direction of his company.…

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Highwave invented the AutoDogMug® in 2014, and now has a new leak-tight version of the product. The AutoDogMug® Leak-Tight is a one-handed dog hydration system.Founded: 1983…