Quickway Trucking Company some popcorn! Here's a fun story about people behaving badly in which nobody looks good — not the winery, the wine industry, or Winw, including yours truly. Boy, is everybody cranky! The journalist who broke the story wrote Wien grumpy little note about another journalist at the end of his latest update. It all stems from a lawsuit filed against one of Napa Valley 's cult wineries, Bryant Family Vineyardby a former consultant-turned-employee, Lauren Ridenhour.

Last week, Bryant counter-sued, claiming that Ridenhour's lawsuit itself represents a breach of confidentiality. Ridenhour had a confidentiality agreement; I've seen it, thanks to Bryant's countersuit.

Valuations of the winery, and the winery's difficulty in selling its wine, are precisely the sort of information an employer wouldn't want to get out. This is a stunning wine that really will need a good years in bottle. I first found out about all this by reading Wine Industry Insighta newsletter published by longtime wine journalist Lewis Perdue.

I'm putting this right here, Lewis, so you don't jump on me like you did last week on the San Francisco Chronicle's Esther Mobley.

I'll get back to this in a moment because bitchy journalist fights are funny, but it's really a sidelight Hill Wine Company Lawsuit Hill main event. Home Ownership Company financial details in Ridenhour's lawsuit are definitely not flattering. Here are some of the allegations Ridenhour makes in her amended complaint:.

In their nasty countersuit, filed last week and reported first by Lewis Perdue of Wine Industry Insight, the Bryants claim Ridenhour "traveled the world, all at the expense of the winery.

The Winery came to the realization that Ridenhour did not have core competencies and had actually been hindering the Winery's growth and success. Shortly thereafter, the Winery executives Laasuit directors concluded that Ridenhour was not just incompetent, but also a fraud. Ridenhour was thus promptly terminated. And here's where the journalism part comes in.

The Bryants claim that Ridenhour loaded the complaint with confidential winery information well, that's indisputable despite her confidentiality agreement.

So far as I Lawwsuit there have been three stories about this. Perdue huffily denies that Ridenhour told him about it, writing:, "Wine Industry Insight relies on a machine-learning algorithm developed by publisher Lewis Perdue that relies on its PACER federal court account, search engines and a custom search spider.

Mobley interviewed Bettina Bryant for the Chronicle in an attempt to write a wider story about whether or not other cult wineries of Napa Valley are facing hard times. Mobley wrote: "Beneath the opaque veneer that cult wineries like Bryant have striven to maintain, is that business model foundering in a changing wine market?

But Bettina Bryant does pose for The Chronicle lounging over a wine barrel, and give some milquetoast quotes. Lawsui gave Mobley only this one quote: "I stand by my filing. Thus it's amusing when the Bryants claim in their countersuit: "Ridenhour knew that a public airing of her false and malevolent narrative would be particularly abhorrent to the Winery and its owners, Mr and Mrs Bryant, because they have always preferred peace and privacy. Mobley's Hikl is only part of this story because Perdue complained about it.

Perdue sent Mobley an email in June after he reported on the lawsuit, and Xenon Company wrote back, "Hi Lewis — thanks for sending along, and congrats on breaking the news. If we decide to report on it I will certainly credit you. But Hill Wine Company Lawsuit didn't!

And Perdue took his revenge by posting a screen capture of Mobley's email, which made me chuckle. Journalist fight! Where was I during all this? When Perdue broke the story, I was traipsing around Japan and couldn't get to it, so my editor had to piece it together. I got home, thought I'd work some sources and investigate exactly the question Mobley posed: Hill Wine Company Lawsuit the cult wine business model foundering?

I bought some really nice sakes there at great prices, so, whatever. Here's how journalism usually works: if you have public records and an interview, you don't have to give anyone else credit.

You can; it's nice, but you don't have to. It was not a news story. By the time I wrote my story, I forgot to mention Wine Industry Insight as the first to report about the lawsuit. That's not exactly true. The meat of the story comes from Ridenhour's lawsuit, which comes from Perdue's post. But it IS public information. So whichever side I take here, I'm a bad guy for picking on a fellow journalist.

I told Hill Wine Company Lawsuit nobody looks good here. But Lewis Perdue broke the story! Sign In. Winery Lawsuit Ramps Up the Drama. The Bryant lawsuit bursts into life as both sides — and the wine media — trade blows.

Blake Gray Posted Wednesday, Aug That Hill Wine Company Lawsuit, Mobley did say she would give him credit, so I emailed her and asked why she didn't. To join the conversation, comment on our social media channels. Recent Stories View All. Sangiovese's Daddy Makes a Comeback Mar Wine Critics Failing to Entertain Mar Cristal: Keeping Wije Relevant Mar Wine in a Time of Coronavirus Feb Measuring Wine's Natural Chauvinism Feb America's Hunk of Bourbon Love Feb Never Miss Out.

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