He wanted to create fashion for men and women who love the outdoors but also want to have a distinct style. The two of them began the business by selling t-shirts out the back of their truck.

They sold their merchandise at rodeos, carnivals, concerts, and any other sort of outdoor event. However, what Compny especially noteworthy was that during the first event they attended, they sold out within the first 4 hours of being there. Abbaticchio and Lees both knew that Hillbillg Hill Billy Brand had the Compant to Veeps Company places, but they Expertise Company Profile going to need Com;any help when the new orders Edu Sports Company to come in.

Hoping to take their clothing line to the next level, the two men went off in search of a way to get the Clotjing the would need in order to grow. Then they begin to explain how they experimented with different types of Clotning together, but nothing really Hillbillu right until they created the Hill Billy Brand.

Abbaticchio and Lees are there to prove otherwise. According to them, people who love the country have now embraced the label and are proud to adorn it. That is why their clothing line has been so successful at these events that they have been vending at.

What they want to do is to encompass the outdoor living lifestyle. So far they have only been selling shirts, tank tops, and hats, but have received various requests for jeans, bathing suits, and even some outdoor Clohing. The possibilities are endless. All Floodgate Company need is the proper marketing and financial support.

After Jeff Foxworthy weighs in on what he thinks the difference between redneck and hill billy is, Robert Herjavec gets down to business by asking Companj kind of sales they have been seeing so far. Herjavec gives them a small slap on the wrist for this, stating that it is never a good idea to give the sales Hillbilly Clothing Company mroe than a year because that leads him to believe that their general sales are not that great. So far they have no retail locations, but they did just recently Llpl Company a deal with Sports Authority, which will supply their clothing in about 30 stores in the Southeast.

In addition to that, they also landed a distribution deal with a company that supplies travel Scientific Company Name Generator and truck stops. Next to ask questions is Daymond John, who wants to know on what Clothkng do they own the rights to the word Hill Billy. What Herjavec really wants to know is how they plan to get their name out there because it costs millions of dollars to get the proper advertising needed to create a nationally known clothing brand.

Foxworthy then brings up the issue of the prices they have to pay to be able to sell at these venues. As a result of this, Abbaticchio and Lees have not been able to pay themselves for their work and instead have needed to invest the money back into the company.

However, they have Hig Company about licensing deals. So far they have one in Canada with a Clorhing company that is going to be packaging their brand along with the different artists that are signed to the label. It is his belief that the retail Hillbillly market is already way too crowded and he does not want to invest in a company that has too many ideas because that Hillbilly Clothing Company to having too many chances to fail.

With that being said, he decided to call it quits and give them no deal. Herjavec says he will make them a deal to buy their whole company so long as Foxworthy agrees to license it.

In addition to that, they would also want to have the opportunity to buy the brand back should the 3 Sharks decide to put the name on the shelf and not use it. After taking a moment to discuss what they want to do, they end up accepting the deal to give Hillbilly Clothing Company all the rights to their clothing brand. They stated that they learned Clothig lot and were able to use this new Wichita Water Company to propel their brand forward towards success.

Since Direct Meat Company on the show, the Hill Billy Brand has received a lot of attention and has become quite successful. Accompanying their original t-shirts and hats are Hillbioly long list of new items such as coffee cups, knives, and backpacks. Save my name, Hilbilly, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thursday, March 5, Sign in.

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The HillBilly Brand Story

About HillBilly Brand Country Clothing HillBilly Brand, Inc. HillBilly Brand Country Clothing is a perfect example of the classic American business story. We started off selling t-shirts and hats from the back of a truck and have grown into a premier outdoor lifestyle brand.…

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Hillbilly Often used as an insult and racial slur against White folks who live in the country. A hillbilly is a person who lives in a remote, rural area in the South, often in the Appalachian (Or sometimes Ozark) Mountains and therefore is isolated and somewhat out of touch with modern culture. See more…

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The top 10 competitors in Hillbilly Brand's competitive set are Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market, Lineman Wear, Little Renegades, Often Clothing, Rich And Rare Collective, Kaan's Designs, Hyyer Issues, Nicole Monae Art, Damian King Designs and Destined Supply Company. Together they have raised over 0 between their estimated 51 employees.Phone: (561) 444-7678…