In during the Berlin Olympics, Adolf gave shoes to athlete Jesse Owens, winning four gold medals while wearing the shoes. However, the brothers relationship began to become very toxic due to extreme difference in political views, and by the brothers had become so spiteful of each other Rudolf Compxny the company Oc founded Puma.

The Adidas company was quite successful and gained their signature logo that is modeled after the trefoil plant in Adolf earned a fortune before his heart gave out September 6,just four years after his brother, Rudolf. Horst Ov nine years after gaining ownership, and inAdidas became a private company but remained in family 47th Transportation Company until it was sold to investors.

The company headquarters for both Puma and Adidas are built in Herzogenaurach, and as a matter of fact, the city was often referred to as the city of crooked necks because the rivalry between the two shoe companies was so intense that everyone would crane their necks to look to see what shoes other people are wearing. Mainstream success was achieved not only by celebrity help but quality and look. The classic triple striped shoes were released in as a low-top basketball shoe with a white finish with red stripes.

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adidas History: 1949 to Now

This was the decade for athletes to push the limits of their sport with top-of-the-line products for that time. adidas developed the first specialist running shoe, along with the Azteca Gold sprint spike for the Mexico Olympic games that gave competitors an extra edge.…

A Brief History of Adidas

Jan 15, 2019 · The company name comes from founder Adi Dassler's name Beginnings of Adidas Shoes. In 1920, at the age of 20, avid soccer player Adolph (Adi) Dassler,... The Dassler Brothers and World War II. During the war, both Dassler brothers were members... Adidas in the Modern Era. In the 1970s, Adidas was ...…

Adidas AG History, Products, & Facts Britannica

The name Adidas (written “adidas” by the company) is an abbreviation of the name of founder Adolf (“Adi”) Dassler. The Dassler family began manufacturing shoes after World War I. At the 1936 Berlin Olympics, the American track-and-field star Jesse Owens wore shoes that were reportedly a gift from Adi Dassler. Owens’s medal-winning performances increased awareness of the Dassler brand around the ……