Since Delta was founded, our company has stood for safe and reliable air transportation, distinctive customer service and hospitality from the heart. Our vision is for Delta to build on its traditions of superior customer service and always to meet our customers' expectations while taking service to even higher levels of excellence.

We intend to be an even Hkstory company and will focus our time, attention, and investment on building that leadership. We are dedicated to being the best airline in the eyes of our customers. We will provide value and distinctive products to Historh customers, a superior return for investors and challenging and rewarding work for Delta people in an environment that respects and values their contributions.

Delta Air Lines, Inc. Originally founded as a crop dusting service inDelta was led for 40 years by an agricultural scientist and pilot named Collet Everman Woolman. Until his death in Woolman dominated the operations of Delta. Expansion through acquisition characterized the era that followed.

Then, in the s Delta adopted an aggressive business strategy in order to retain market share in an increasingly competitive airline industry. Entering the new century the airline had extended its route network Histroy serve cities in 48 states, and an additional cities in 47 foreign countries. The history of Delta may be traced towhen Collet Everman Woolman Companny an associate joined a conversation with some Louisiana farmers who were concerned about the threat to their crops from boll weevils.

Woolman knew that calcium arsenate would kill the insects, but the problem was how to effectively apply the chemical. Having learned to fly the boxy "flying jennys" during World War I, Woolman considered dropping the chemical from an airplane.

He engineered a "hopper" for the chemical and later perfected the system, and then began selling his services to farmers throughout the region. Histor a result, the world's first crop dusting service, named Huff Daland Dusters, was born. In Woolman left the agricultural extension service to take charge of the duster's entomological work. In the crop dusting operation broke away from its parent company to become Delta Air Service.

Woolman continued his crop dusting business across the South and expanded into Mexico and South America. The company began to diversify by securing air mail contracts, and in inaugurated passenger service between Dallas and Jackson, Mississippi. Later, routes to Atlanta and Charleston were added. Delta began its climb to prominence when the U. During World War II, Delta, under contract to the War Department, devoted itself to the allied war effort by transporting troops and supplies.

Delta returned to civilian service in and entered an age of growth and competition never before seen in the airline industry. On May 1, Delta merged with Chicago and Southern Airlines and continued to prosper as a major regional trunk carrier through the s and History Of Delta Airlines Company.

Delta's exposure to the northeast part of the country increased with the acquisition of Northeast Airlines on August 1, In July Delta purchased Storer Leasing, a move that added several jets to the existing fleet of about Delta's consistent growth could be partially attributed to its successful transition of leadership.

In the early days of commercial air transport airlines were run by individuals who would be better described as aviation pioneers first and as businessmen second. Many of these leaders were majority stockholders who categorically refused to share their power or prepare successors to operate the company after them.

For many airline companies, when the chairman did eventually die, there was a difficult period of readjustment to the new management. The departure of Delta's Woolman, however, was not surrounded by difficulties.

He suffered a heart attack in his late 60s and was forced to relinquish some of his duties to Delta's board members. Under the new consensus-style management, Delta quickly became recognized for having one of the best planning and management teams in the airline industry.

The company also earned a reputation for being on very good terms with its employees, treating its workers as family. By maintaining pay and benefits above the unionized competition, Delta was able to keep the majority of its employees non-unionized.

Although the company did not invent it, Delta was the first airline to widely employ the so-called "hub and spoke" system, in which a History Of Delta Airlines Company of flights are scheduled to land at a hub airport within approximately 30 minutes, enabling passengers to make connections for final destinations conveniently X Channel Online Trading Company Limited quickly.

By the early s the "big push," as it was called, was occurring about ten times a day at the Atlanta hub. On the whole, Delta's management style remained conservative throughout the s. This "wait-and-see" policy saved the company a large Compamy of money. This year strategy for flight equipment and support facility planning was typical of Delta. According to the vice-chairman and chief financial officer at the time, Robert Oppenlander, "Success is based on the long term maintenance of a technical edge, which is cost efficiency.

This conservative approach was aptly summed up in a statement by the late chairman W. Beebe: "We don't squander our money on things like goofy advertising. As Delta's chief executive officer, David Garrett, explained, "For a merger to be worthwhile, two plus two has to equal seven. Airljnes Ronald W. Allen, who rose through the ranks of Delta's personnel administration department, was named the airline's CEO.

An aggressive and outgoing business person, Allen proved willing to make Dellta and riskier investments. In the late s and early s, recession, rising fuel prices, and war in the Middle East all contributed to Hixtory passenger traffic Histoyr inflated costs. Small, financially weak, and regional airlines were hardest hit by the trouble; Delta was one of the prime beneficiaries of the failure in January of Eastern Airlines, which like Delta had a significant portion of its routes in the southeastern United States.

After Eastern's demise, Delta flew over 80 percent of traffic out of Atlanta. As with the purchase of Western, the deal was viewed by some in the industry as a departure from Delta's traditionally conservative business stance, and possibly too costly a purchase. Delta management, however, termed it a necessary stop History Of Delta Airlines Company a consolidating purchase-or-be-purchased airline market: "We think it is a very conservative move," Allen told Fortune magazine, adding, "To have missed this opportunity would have been the risky course.

Vietnam Plywood Company appeared to have adapted well to the expansion-oriented market. Whereas Delta fliers used to joke that, though you History Of Delta Airlines Company not know whether you would go to heaven or hell when you died, you would definitely have to change planes in Atlanta, the airline's customers could now fly to Europe via its Frankfurt hub, or Hustory Latin America via Miami.

As it adapted to the aggressive and expanding modern market, Delta strove to maintain its policies of good labor relations and attention to service. Delta's employees were still among the highest paid in the industry and, like founder C. Woolman, Allen sometimes rode on Delta flights to interact with passengers. Indeed, Forbes magazine queried in a headline: "Is Delta too nice for its own good? By it became clear that the financing agreement with Pan Am had come at a bad time for Delta.

In an effort to lower costs, Delta was forced to reduce its work force by five percent, in addition to implementing wage freezes and salary cuts. At the same time, the company was eager to integrate Pan Am's extensive European routes into its system, hoping to restore itself to profitability by improving its position as an international carrier.

However, the lingering effects of the recession, as Gc Company Full Form as the recent Gulf War, had precipitated an overall decline in commercial air travel. To counteract this trend, Delta announced reductions of 45 percent on transatlantic fares at the onset of the summer season, resulting in record traffic History Of Delta Airlines Company 8, passengers in August.

In Aprilin an effort to increase its share of transpacific air traffic, OOf launched new non-stop History Of Delta Airlines Company between Los Angeles and Hong Kong. Inspired by this success, Delta strove to further expand its international presence by entering into code-sharing agreements with a number of foreign carriers Aielinesincluding Virgin Atlantic, Vietnam Airlines, and Aeromexico. Code sharing allowed an airline to purchase tickets from its rivals and resell them to its own customers, providing greater Delat flexibility and control over prices.

While some considered the practice deceptive, by the mids it had become prevalent throughout the airline industry, with the number of code-sharing partnerships reaching by For its part, Delta established 14 such contracts with other airlines between and The goal was implied in the program's name; Delta hoped to reduce the cost of flying to 7.

The reorganization called for a reduction of 20 percent of the company's work force, a realignment of its domestic route Historry, and a discontinuation of some of its less profitable European routes. Delta's impressive financial comeback was not without costs to its reputation as a "family" corporation. The reduction of the company's customer service team resulted in a significant increase in passenger complaints, and by Delta dropped to last place in on-time rankings among the ten leading U.

The decline in customer service was hardly unique to Delta. Overall, the annual number of airline passengers in the U. Overcrowding, frequent delays, and poor service resulted in a substantial increase in the numbers of complaints lodged with the Department of Transportation inprompting Congress to consider legislation Ailrines would impose stricter regulations on the airlines' business practices.

The airline industry also faced a number of labor Delts at the beginning of the new century. The expiration of the Delta pilots' contract in May was followed by several months of unproductive negotiations. When the impasse dragged into December, the pilots retaliated by refusing voluntary overtime during one of the airline's busiest seasons, forcing Delta to cancel 3, flights over the course of the month.

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About Delta What started as a humble, little aerial crop dusting operation called Huff Daland Dusters in 1925 has now grown into one of the world’s largest global airlines, helping more than 180 million travelers get to the places they want to go to each year.…

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Delta Air Lines, Inc. is one of the largest and most successful air carriers in the United States. Originally founded as a crop dusting service in 1924, Delta was led for 40 years by an agricultural scientist and pilot named Collet Everman Woolman. Until his death in 1966 Woolman dominated the operations of Delta.…

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