The Company Hokdings to achieve sustained growth and improvement of corporate value over the medium- to long-term by continuing to strengthen corporate governance, as described below. The Company makes decisions on important business matters and oversees the execution of business through its Board of Directors. The Company is a "Company with Board of Auditors. In addition, the Company has introduced an executive officer system for the purpose of bolstering its business execution capabilities.

By sharply delineating responsibilities for oversight and execution, the Company strengthens the governance function of the Board of Directors. The Company, as a holding company, fulfills the roles of deciding on the Group's strategy, appropriately allocating the Group's business resources and formulating capital strategies. The directly owned subsidiaries, with their own unique Missouri Quilt Company Fabrics strategies, aim to expand the Group's corporate value by maximizing their uniqueness and specialization through determining marketing strategies and operating businesses in line with their strengths.

The roles of the holding company and the directly owned subsidiaries are shown in the chart below. By clarifying the respective Comlany and authorities of the Company and its directly owned subsidiaries, the Group is promoting group management characterized by flexibility and cohesiveness. The Company values the purport of the Holding Or Holdings Company Corporate Governance Code the "Code"which has been applied to listed companies, and has accepted all the principles of the Code while establishing the Basic Policy on Corporate Governance as initiatives in response to the major principles.

The Board of Directors Compaany make decisions on important business matters Holding Or Holdings Company oversee the execution of business in accordance with laws and ordinances, the Articles of Incorporation, and the Company's relevant rules.

The Board of Directors has entrusted all authority related to the execution of business, other than matters stipulated in the preceding paragraph, to the representative director and president. This framework is designed to facilitate decision-making for business execution matters. The Board of Directors shall be made up of individuals representing a balance of knowledge, experience and skills, and having diverse backgrounds as befitting the expansive range of business domains in the life insurance business.

This shall be done from the standpoint of facilitating adequate communication and rapid Holdinggs within the Group, along with Vijayalaxmi Cashew Company Group-wide governance.

The Board of Holdkng shall discuss the appointment of candidates for directors in the Nomination and Compensation Committee, and shall appoint individuals that Luzadis Company Makes Furniture, in principle, the following criteria:.

In order to ensure the overall effectiveness of the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors shall conduct an annual performance review of the Board of Directors as a whole, based oHldings the self-evaluations of individual directors.

The Company shall work to develop a conducive environment for shareholders to appropriately exercise their rights in order to effectively ensure the rights and the equality of all shareholders. Recognizing that the Shareholders' Meeting is the highest decision-making body of the Company, and that it provides a crucial forum for engaging in constructive dialogue with shareholders, the Company shall strive to develop an adequate environment from the shareholders' perspective to ensure that shareholders' views are reflected appropriately in management.

The Company's organizational development and policies regarding the initiative to promote dialogue with shareholders and other stakeholders are as follows:. The Group's way of thinking regarding the policies and the exercise of the voting rights for cross-holdings of listed stocks are as follows:.

Corporate Governance Framework. The Roles of Holding Company and Direct Subsidiaries Roles of Holding Company Roles of Direct Subsidiaries Expanding the Group's corporate value Using a strong governance system for the entire Group management Expanding business profit Holding Or Holdings Company Group strategies Profit and risk management Optimizing the allocation of business resources Determining capital strategies Determining marketing strategies Holding Or Holdings Company the business execution of each business unit.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors, etc. Number of meetings Attendance rate Main members and attendees Board of Directors 20 In addition to the monitoring based on the above-mentioned quantitative criteria, the boards of directors have made judgements in regard to the adequacy of holdings by scrutinizing the future prospects and the qualitative significance of each holding.

Expanding the Group's corporate value Using a strong governance system for the entire Group management. O Group strategies Profit and risk management Optimizing the allocation of business resources Determining capital strategies. Determining marketing strategies Undertaking the business execution of each business unit.


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