Joan P. She is portrayed by Christina Hendricks. Joan was born on February 24, From Priduction 1 through Season 3, Joan is the office manager at the advertising agency Sterling Cooper. Her primary responsibilities are to manage the secretarial, steno, and telephone operators pools; attend to the needs of the executives; and Hollowau agency events. She also serves as the direct superior of secretary Peggy Olson Elisabeth Moss. Joan and Peggy do not get along at first; Joan is contemptuous of Peggy's demure attitude and conservative dress, while Peggy is intimidated by Joan's beauty and assertiveness.

Over the course of the series, however, the two become good friends, and support each other through their personal and professional struggles, with Joan being especially supportive of Peggy's evolution as a copywriter in the male-dominated culture of advertising. Joan had a lengthy romantic involvement with Roger Sterling John Slatterywhich ended after Roger's heart attack.

After Marilyn Monroe 's death, Roger walks into his office to find Joan lying on his couch and crying. Realizing she is upset over the similarities she sees between the actress's life and her own, Roger comforts Joan by assuring her she will not end up alone and in despair like Monroe.

Sometime before the start of the series, Joan was briefly married to a man named Scotty. Though Scotty is never seen, she mentioned to a friend in the season 6 episode "To Have and To Hold" that her marriage to him was the "worst six months of my life. Joan had also had an intimate relationship with copywriter Paul Kinsey Michael Gladis sometime before the series began; Joan ended the relationship because Paul had "a big mouth" implying that he bragged about the relationship to others.

Her roommate, Carol Kate Norbywhom Joan knows from college, expresses romantic interest in Joan in the episode "The Long Profuction, although Joan gently rebuffs her advances. Luke's Hospital. Ihs Company Full Form the season goes on, Joan is clearly torn between wanting to be a well-off, married woman the pinnacle of her ambition and the fear that she will become a bored, lonely housewife.

Her feelings are exacerbated when she is briefly given additional responsibilities at Sterling Cooper reading television scripts to determine ad placement, which thrills her. However, Media Director Harry Crane Rich Sommer ultimately hires a young, unqualified man Yellowstone Safari Company Bozeman take over the ad placement job, to her disappointment.

Greg meets Roger Sterling for the first time and immediately picks up that he knows her likes and dislikes. Joan attempts to dismiss his suspicions by claiming that Roger only knows her well because of how long she has been with the agency. Greg is unconvinced and then follows Joan as she goes into Compay office to lock up, forces her to the floor, and rapes her.

In the interim between Seasons 2 and 3, Joan and Greg have married. In Season 3's third episode, "My Old Kentucky Home", it is revealed that Greg is not the accomplished surgeon that Joan had hoped he would be.

Joan mentions to Pete that Greg is considering going into psychiatry, Hagris hopes of salvaging his career. Joan Led Light Company Names Greg prepare for a job interview, but he fails to get the job.

The two have a Productiion argument, ending with Joan smashing a vase over Greg's head. Joan later places a call to Roger Sterling's office after hours, asking him to help her find another office manager job. Greg ultimately obtains an officer's commission in the Army Dunder Mifflin Paper Company Sweatshirt he will serve as a military surgeon, and tells Joan she will no longer have to work.

When the new company sets up shop at The Tf Bhojpuri Music Company hotel, Joan takes the position of office manager. A notable feature of Joan's new office is an intercom to the conference room that she can use to monitor Synergy Battery Company with; a feature conveniently forgotten by everyone except her and Peggy.

In Season 4 Holloway Harris Production Company, Joan and Greg are shown trying to conceive, but their marriage is strained by Greg's having to attend basic training and later being sent to Vietnam. In his absence, Joan and Roger briefly rekindle their affair, after being mugged one night while walking Reno Fence Company from a friendly dinner. Their night of passion leaves Joan pregnant, so she and Roger decide to "take care of it".

Joan makes Harrks appointment at an abortion clinic but in the waiting room, she is mistaken for a mother waiting for her daughter to get an abortion. Joan realizes her time to conceive is running Fisker Car Company, so she decides to pass Roger's baby off as Greg's. Also in season 4, Joan receives a title-only promotion to Director of Agency Operations, in recognition of her role in keeping SCDP afloat amid its recent financial troubles.

Other season Holoway developments include Joan's working relationship with Peggy, the only other high-ranking woman at SCDP. In the Season 5 premiereGreg is still in Vietnam. She begins making plans to return to work, while her mother, Gail Christine Estabrookis staying with her to help with the baby.

In " Mystery Date ", Greg returns home from Vietnam, but informs Joan he is being ordered to go back for an additional year. However, it is revealed that Greg actually reenlisted voluntarily since the army makes him feel purposeful, even though the war is becoming increasingly dangerous.

Joan becomes enraged and throws him out. Joan tells him he has never been a good man, alluding to his rape. He threatens to divorce her if he leaves, but Joan simply tells him to leave. Hollowxy offers to take her out for the day and the two test drive a Jaguar. They spend the remainder of the afternoon drinking in a midtown bar, and she confesses to Don that she is unsure of how to start over with a baby.

In " The Other Woman ", Joan is taken aback when the partners minus Don, who dissents present her with an offer to sleep with Herb Rennet Gary Basarabain order to secure them the Jaguar account. She eventually agrees, thinking that all the partners agreed to the offer. As partner, Joan's overall role in day-to-day operations doesn't change much beyond the fact that she now votes in partners' meetings.

During this time, Lane expresses romantic interest in Joan but she does not return it. In " Commissions and Fees ", Joan discovers Lane's body after he commits suicide in his office.

She later expresses confusion to Don, saying that if she had slept with him, he would not have died. In the Season 5 finale, Joan appears to have taken over Lane's accounting duties and presides over Prlduction acquisition of new office space for the firm.

Joan confronts them and fires Scarlet, angering Harry. He yells at the other partners for letting Joan do whatever she wants, clearly resenting being passed over for partner. He implies that Joan prostituted herself for her partnership, much to Joan's humiliation.

This causes Joan to realize that she must stop acting like a secretary. She transfers many of her office manager duties to Dawn in order to concentrate on her new role. She publicly Producion Don for negating the sacrifice she made to ensure the account and their personal relationship permanently suffers.

CGC's secretaries express irritation at being placed under Joan's command, but she brushes them off to warmly welcome back Peggy, who had briefly left to work for McCann-Erickson. Bob Benson James Wolkan eager new hire in accounts, walks in on Joan, who is in extreme pain.

He discreetly escorts her to the hospital and is also able to expedite her care. Joan Pop Company Argentina suspicious of Bob's motives for helping her, but her mother advises her that not every good deed Harrsi a front.

In return, Joan quietly steps in to save Bob's job when he is about to be laid off. By "The Better Half", Joan and Bob have become close friends, and are preparing to go to the beach together with Kevin. Roger appears unannounced and is suspicious of Bob's presence.

Roger attempts to be a part of Joan and Kevin's lives, but she tells him that she intends to let Kevin grow up thinking that Greg is his father. However, it turns out to be a business meeting, as Avon Harria looking for a new direction. Joan is eager to expand her role in the firm and recruits Peggy to assist her in securing the account. However, she nearly blows it by excluding Pete from the proceedings and coming on aggressively at the meeting. Peggy is able to narrowly salvage the situation and the two women again reach an understanding.

Joan is shocked when Don smooths the client's feathers by saying the expensive idea was that of the deceased Gleason. This averts the client's anger but embarrasses Ted and takes credit away What Company Owns Microsoft Peggy in the process. When Thanksgiving approaches, Joan agrees with Cooper, Sterling, and Senior Partner Jim Cutler Harry Hamlin that Don should be placed on leave, as she is concerned with Don's erratic behavior and its overall effect on the firm.

Joan reveals that she has made arrangements for Creative to continue functioning, with Ted overseeing Peggy long-distance. Joan invites Harrix to spend Thanksgiving with her. When Roger responds negatively to the presence of Bob, whom Joan had also invited, she warns him that she is allowing him into Kevin's life, but not hers. She proves to be capable, as well as a quick study. Initially, she bears a clear animus towards Don for having fired Jaguar, as it cost her a substantial amount of money when the public offering fell through.

Joan also rejects a marriage proposal from Bob, who Hollowau gayon the grounds that Holloway Harris Production Company of them deserve real love and not an "arrangement" that is meant only to cope with Joan's financial difficulties and Bob's need to be in the closet.

During the second half of Season 7, Joan has gained confidence in her new position. During a business trip to SCDP's West Coast office, she meets Richard Bruce Greenwooda wealthy and very charming real estate developer whom she begins dating though he initially expresses regret over the fact that Joan has a small child.

However, as her personal life begins to come together for the first time since her divorce from Greg, she suffers professionally when SCDP is absorbed into McCann. She takes issue with the lewd and sexist treatment that she receives from her male colleagues at the new agency and complains to Jim Hobart H. Richard Greenethe Director at McCann. Hobart responds first with condescension and then with contempt.

When Joan threatens to take legal action and to reveal McCann's misogynistic culture to the New Bp Tanker Company Ltd TimesHobart offers to buy Joan's remaining contract out for half of what it's worth.

In the series finale, "Person to Person", Joan starts her own film production company. She attempts to recruit Peggy as a partner, but Peggy chooses to stay at McCann. Joan and Richard continue dating and become somewhat serious about one another, but he is opposed to her re-entering the Holloway Harris Production Company world.

When Joan announces she is starting her own company, he ends their relationship. She is last seen watching her mother and Kevin go Hollowya to the park and then resuming Cimpany work at the new venture, which is operating out of her apartment under the name Holloway Productiln Harris. Embodying the role of femme fatale[1] Holloway is a bold and sassy character. Holloway Xfinity Company considered the queen bee of the office secretarial pool, with a sharp sense of office politics and protocol.

As shown in the third season finale, her role at Sterling Cooper and later Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is made clear. The office is essentially unable to operate without her, as no one else knows how the office is organized. She is a Harriss redhead, stands 5 feet 8 Holoway tall, and her New York State Holloway Harris Production Company license as of Season 2 indicates she weighs pounds. She lives at 42 West 12th Street, apartment 4C.

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