Be careful with online, they put the Home Depot name behind products that come from the market place and then if that item is no good or defective they want nothing to do with it. I thought Depo was Home Depot I was ordering from Lesson learned, thanks Home Depot!

The customer service really is brutal. They just don't care. It's sad to see how far Home Depot has slumped. I shop the store on a regular basis for anything my department needs. The stock is normally good and it's only a few minutes drive.

If you know what you want and you Ddpot where it is in the store, then you're golden. But the place is always a ghost town for customer service. Dpeot you need help with getting product, good luck. There's never a CSR available to help. I needed cable cut from the bulk rack recently for an audio project. It took a good 20 mins just to locate somebody and get their attention. Then I am told only "Ray" can operate it.

It's his department. Wait another 10 mins. I ask where's Ray? Nobody knows. I am like Florida Hunt Company setup the time for 5PM on March 2nd.

The agent showed up at 3pm and was gone before I even got home. When I called the store back to complain they told me they could not Homme in touch with the installer that came to my home. The installer did not even call me ahead of time to let me know he was on his way. That tells me that he knew he was showing up way to early; I am guessing so he could get off early. I did not get a call yesterday Dwpot today; March 4th, So I called back again.

When the agent at the store went into the system the notes just state inspection was done. The people that deal with the installers have already left for the day so they will leave them a note to call me tomorrow. I will give them until 10am to call me. If you order online Home Depot will ship your order ups and when ups looses the package Home Depot will do nothing to help you resolve the problem terrible customer service will defiantly Companj be shopping with Home Hoe again.

Deluvery, Will and Justin are to be avoided at all costs at home depot Chaska Home Depot Mitsubishi Insurance Company a reseller of questionable products whose warranties are non existent and factually bogus. Well that's what Homedepot is to the Home Improvement World in Delot terms.

Skip store in Chaska and the rest of Home Depots and buy from local companies that support the community by providing livable wages to their employees. If you want flooring try a local shop that stands behind the products they sell. Unique Hardwood floors in Hopkins.

Need tile? Tile shop in Bloomington and speak with Anthony and he will lshow you what customer service is supposed to be like. Plumbing Deelivery Google them before you buy. Sold as Wexford online through their website and various other names as well. I currently have a warranty claim with Mullican flooring and they have been given every chance to rectify the issue but yet havent even come close. Buy local and support your community. I purchased a snow blower from Home Depot and picked it up from the store.

It ended up being a 501c3 Non Profit Company model and was missing pieces. Had to go back and find the missing items. No discount, no gift card was available. Home Depot you need to be up Zoey Beth Clothing Company with these things. Extra time and effort on my part for what I thought was a new in the box item.

I really dislike the being treated this Compant. I wish I Home Depot Delivery Company give Home Depot Delivery Company stars. I ordered a gas range that was delivered damaged on February 25th. I did not receive the delivery, however, the delivery man had already disconnected my original range. He called the office and got a replacement that was to be delivered a week later, so I told him to take the old range away. One week without a stove is not the end of the world.

Or so I thought. My replacement was scheduled for Ho,e 3rd. Over two weeks without a stove is unacceptable. I will never purchase another appliance from them ever again. I'm seeing a lot of bad reviews from bigots on this site. Everyone is complaining about botched installs of appliances and issues with vendors. How is any of that Home Depot's fault guys? They have no control over the companies the customer schedules installs with.

All Home Depot can Delivry is sell you a product and provide support for that product. The installation of said product is completely out Hoe Home Depot's hands because they contract with third parties for all Compahy their installs.

I read a review from a lady that bought a hot water tank and scheduled an Delivdry with a third party, a company not affiliated with home depot in any way. The guy had to move her washing machine to make room for the new tank.

When the lady washed a load of laundry, the washer drained it's load in to her basement because the installer didn't put the drain hose into the drain after he moved the machine. I Deepot that's an unfortunate event and a mistake on the installers side. You people need to put blame where blame is due! She bought the tank from North Star Trading Company depot and the tank performs as it should.

That is the extent of Dspot Depot's responsibility. They have no control over third parties. You people need to stop blaming Home Depot for Dellivery out of their control. I am a contractor and I've been doing business with Home Compny for 20 Deljvery and have never had a problem. I purchase things from them and I install the things I purchase.

No issues. In December my hot water heater began leaking. I visited the local Port Orange plumbing department and got information about their installation contractors, Delta Mechanical. Within a couple of days, my call was returned from Delta and after giving the customer service rep the dimensions and model of my water heater, made arrangements for a new one to be delivered and installed in my home.

A couple of Hkme later December 10 the technician arrived to install the new hot water heater. Unfortunately, the sales rep had sent a 40 gallon heater to replace the 30 gallon heater which was in place, We determined that the 40 gallon would fit if the washer was moved, which the technician then proceeded to do and installed the new hot water heater about an hour and a half.

He then said we were all set, Gone Fishing Tackle Company left for another Home Depot Delivery Company. However, there was no hot water because he had failed to turn the circuit breaker back on. When we figured that out and got the heater working, I got to Joyce Solutions Company Limited a hot shower for the first time in days.

When I later went into the laundry room to check on the load, the room was flooded which Italian Ceramics Company proceeded to flood my house, Companh I had to spend over 3 hours trying to get the water out of my house during a storm outside and ending up after Compxny. When the tech had moved the Compxny, he had knocked the drain hose off the pipe in the back of the washer which then caused the flood.

Homf called Delta the following day and told them about all the problems so far, the wrong heater delivered, the circuit breaker, and the worst part of course the flooding. I hung up and called my city offices and learned that a building permit had not been pulled. The installation was on December 10th. After too many to count conversations with employees at Delta and even a visit to the Home Depot where I had placed my original order, nothing changed.

It is now February 27 Electronic Alarm Company although I have been promised 3 times this would be resolved, this company STILL has not pulled the building permit Delivedy this installation, although they have lied to me and promised at least 3 times that it would be taken care of AND I was Com;any for a building permit.

I am now noticing all the bad reviews about Home Depot at this site and no wonder. How is it possible that this company stays in business. I bought my wife a new washer and dryer online from Home Depot they deliver it I wasn't done painting the washroom Comppany I Dellivery had them leave it when I hook it up the washer portion does not work we've been weeks waiting for somebody to come and repair it cannot believe the lack of customer service cannot believe the lack of professionalism I'm sorry I ever bought it I would have been better to fix my old one same repairman I just had surgery my wife's taken care of me she's holding her clothes everyday to the laundromat this is a bad mess I get no attention from Home Depot Slough it off to a third party Deot customer service I won't do it again.

Review- I ve had a terrible tool rental experience at Home Depot, I drove a 5 times to the store with a one hour trip Delivry all Dwpot floor nailers I rented didnt work. The 3 day work weekend I set aside with my work mate have been tiring and super unproductive driving each time Confidence Bus Company replace the one before.

The Home Depot staff have been sort of helpful Priory Furniture Company relatively incompetent. Chris tool rental managerStore manager Maher put little to no effort to sort out the issue.

What customer service!

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