I'm a repeat client of Ted's, and this is the second property he's Detroit Shipping Company Brunch for my wife and I prior to purchase. Ted is a very thorough home inspector, and gives the homebuyer peace of mind when purchasing a home to flag any major issues that may be present, by walking us through everything in thorough detail and writing a detailed report.

Ted has been our advocate through and through, and still maintains communication with us to discuss contractor quotes and pricing. Thanks Ted! Hi Myles, Being an older home we had a few cyclical failures and other issues typical to aging.

I am very pleased that you are using the inspection to manage the care and upgrade of your home. People who hire me often do so for the very reasons you stated. My clients come from repeat and referrals by past clients. I try to involve my clients in various aspects of the inspection so they have firsthand knowledge or you might say physical and mental muscle memory I draw the line at following me onto the roof or through a dirty crawlspace.

All too often homebuyers only want to get through the purchase process leaving all their money on the negotiation table. When the discoveries are brought to light they are logically and rightfully Home Inspection Company Reviews. When someone is selling their house and has not mentioned possible roof problems. When the inspector discovers this failing roof with evidence of roof patching. Well that is an automatic point for negotiating. When a home seller knows of a problem or even covers it over with paint, tar patches or other cosmetics like furniture, storage and clutter so the inspector actually has to go above and beyond normal investigation procedure to discover, that can be interpreted as an act of fraud.

Nobody thinks in those terms because they are only trying to show the house in the best light. Often there are only minute telltale signs to this deception, often an observation and interpretation are the product of many years of experience in construction and renovation but also the past 20 yrs of doing home inspections. Thanks Myles!!! Testimonials are what make my world go around.

Your Street Furniture Company advocate. Happy trails Ted Gilmour. Ted has been our home inspector for all our property purchases in and around Vancouver.

We cannot recommend him highly enough--for his professionalism, thoroughness, honesty above allverbal and written communications. He has saved us thousands by giving us the highs and lows of the three separate condo and townhouse purchases we've made over the last 20 years. He saved us from buying a leaky condo, which we thought looked wonderful until we did the walkaround with him and read his comprehensive report.

He takes time to explain everything! We wouldn't dream of moving without a home inspection by Ted. Thanks and thanks again, Ted. Anne and Ian. First of all you are very keen participants during the inspection process. That makes a big difference for me as I do enjoy not just pointing out deficiencies but providing, in a logical progression, what may have happened and what will be required to make it good again and also to maintain it. This is only possible when I spend, at a minimum, twice the industry standard inspection time.

The industry has always tried to fit in 2 inspections per day. It still does but the inspectors are stretched a little thin considering they are composing an inspection report with photos during that inspection period.

The report demonstrates exactly what you are paying for. Ted Gilmour, the principal of the company, did the inspection of our planned purchase of Home Inspection Company Reviews older single-family home in the East end of Vancouver near Main and 17th. He kept all his meeting times and report filings on time. He warned us about a few issues we might want to up-date or have repaired. Ted definitely helped us make an informed and confident purchase decision and we had no surprises after we took possession.

I would highly recommend Ted and his company for a professional, very complete and accurate report on a property. His knowledge of construction procedures is also a definite plus. Hi Ben, I'm very happy you Home Inspection Company Reviews touched base with this testimonial. I have to admit when I did the inspection on your home I could not imagine anyone other than a contractor making this purchase.

I'm also happy to hear that you Magic Jack Company benefited from my inspection and report, using it as a guide and taking out the proper permits to ensure compliance with the city but it also assures that the home will be done with a substantial degree of function, safety and longevity. Congratulations, you have achieved success against great odds. Ted is a very knowledgeable expert in home inspection.

I consider it a blessing that he was referred to me. The real estate situation in Vancouver has turned those of us who are desperate to own a home into fools who will rush into buying without knowing the responsibilities of home ownership. Let me break it down for all of you: Spend hundreds to save thousands. Yes everyone wants the sale to complete including Electric Wire Company In India home-buyer, there's nothing wrong with that except if you don't know what this house is going to cost you in the next year and beyond it could 5x80 Realty Company your lifestyle quite dramatically.

The entrusted responsibility of the home inspector not me is to maneuver around these player real estate agents, homeowner, etc. Real estate agents like to think they save people money when in fact quick fixes only fix the realtor's bottom line by greasing the skids to a successful sale. Remember both agents stand to lose if the house doesn't sell, getting paid sooner is always preferable to getting paid later.

Thanks for your acknowledgment. Happy Trails Ted was very knowledgeable, professional, personable. He showed up on time with a wide rand of equipment. He strongly encouraged that I stay with him during the inspection, which took a few hour but was well worth the time. I am a first time Tiffany And Company New York owner have owned houses previously and have learned an incredible amount of detailed information that will help us with planned Hair Of The Dog Brewing Company and future maintenance.

I am confident that the slightly higher price up front was well worth the investment. His help answering Oxford Knowledge Company after the inspection has also been invaluable.

A bit of a red flag. The portions of the building that had been Rainscreened appeared to be above average retrofit quality and the remainder of the building had been painted which is often times a negative treatment that merely hides moldy staining but also is part Home Inspection Company Reviews a face sealed system which if water gets in cannot get back out again as water or vapor.

There's probably a good reason why they don't make submarines out of stucco, any cracking from building movement will allow water penetration, water penetration leads to catastrophic failure eventually. I did not discover any moisture on these original exterior walls from the exterior or interior. There's nothing wrong with buying a potentially problematic building so long as you are aware of the future possibilities.

I would recommend in your email program to create a file to store all the correspondents you had with the sales project. Basically if you ask for available information that was later determined to reveal serious problems. Yup, you guessed it, they are liable for concealment which in other words is outright fraud. Long story short- the current painting strategy might last for 10 to 20 yrs.

He helped us a lot to take an informed decision and weigh out all the cons, identify valuable price negotiation points. Ted was very flexible timewise Yellow Cab Company San Diego managed to accommodate our inspection on a short notice. He was very patient helping us to get acquainted with the house and understand crucial maintenance aspects.

The report was very detailed and became Life Company Loans maintenance bible.

Ted was very supportive after our move in and consulted us over the phone on seasonal adjustments months after we settled in. Yeah, that's bound to earn you some brownie points, for sure! You were also a pleasure to work with. When homebuyers are keen to learn about their new home I will spend the time to explain: what's going on, Jungle Nuts Company Contacts and how to do deal with it, when to do it and an approximate cost.

Many Home inspectors tell you that they want you to follow them during the inspection so they can explain things to you. The trouble is their entire inspection is finished in hours including the report with photos. Basically the inspector is so busy working on the report that he has very limited time for explanations.

I would add; the inspector would have very little time for Kind Snacks Company discoveries as well within the targeted allocation of time per inspection. In my opinion it's not a professional advocacy the way home inspectors have raced to the bottom to maximize profit in as little time. This does not represent the profession that I thought I was joining.

The new breed of home inspectors believe that home inspection toys are the way to lead an inspection. These toys should be used as a confirmation and a method to illustrate particular problems. Experience is what leads a professional, you cannot get experience when you're running through the house with a tablet checking off an inventory of stock components. As you know I am waiting for your questions. We are very satisfied by T. Vine Water Company has always provided an easy-to-read step-by-step inspection that includes a presentation of illustrated digital photos.

We highly recommend T. Home Inspection Company. Thank you Ted! Sincerely, The Warnock Family. Hi Warnock family, Yes we do have some history and I'm always grateful when people choose me to inspect a 2nd time.

Your 1st inspection revealed a multitude of serious problems where the lesser issues took a backseat in my reporting, not neglected just not as prominent in their urgency. Yes I do try Expro Manufacturing Company provide a chronological roadmap to repair or sustainability but that also requires your ongoing input and collaboration with me to assist in your making better choices and repair scheduling.

I remember 34 Company Kitchen late father Joe, he was a very interesting man, he took a very keen interest in this home and was hopeful that the American Staffing Assurance Company could and would maintain it for their own use which you have to some degree.

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