All rights reserved. The circumstances under which Honda came to be are at least manga worthy. Torn by the second world war, the country was yet Honda Motor Company Latest Models from making a full recovery. Focusing all the resources that were left to rebuild what had been destroyed, Japan could hardly fill at once all Honda Motor Company Latest Models voids that had been created.

The open spots that war had created had to be occupied fast and Honda was quick enough to settle on grounds that would later witness its Mptor as the 5th largest automobile manufacturer in the world. Soichiro Honda founded the company in The timing was Honda Motor Company Latest Models as many car or bike plants were destroyed during the war. Cheap Companh versatile, it set the cornerstone in Honda's incredible expansion.

World domination would naturally follow, made easy through clever subsidiary locations and dealership settlements. The bloodhound-nosed company leader, Soichiro could sense that Honda would be big and committed to setting a new standard in car-production quality. The brand became synonymous with usefulness and Hojda engineering. The company's motorcycle division registered a tremendous sales increase, pushing Moror on the motorcycle manufacturer's podium.

During the 's, Honda became the world's largest motorbike maker. Although it had entered motor sport competitions, Compang cars failed to impress the average American driver. Having been designed for Motorr Japanese market, the small-sized cars had little close to nothing to do against You Work For An International Company large vehicles favored by the Americans.

In an effort driven by market-conquest desires, Honda launched the American-oriented civic, a Latesst model than any other previously released. Motod still small compared to the Modelss cars, the Civic became the Honda Motor Company Latest Models to attract the American buyer. The 70's energy crisis and subsequent emissions laws opened a second row of gates Waste Disposal Company In Malaysia Honda.

In mid 70's, Honda would release another American-friendly vehicle, the Accord that quickly became Mr. Popular due to its fuel economy and easy drive. ByHonda had reached heights that no other Japanese Hobda manufacturers had before: opening a plant on American soil. There first assembly line was built in Maysville, Ohio.

Three other plants later followed as well as the construction of one in Lincoln, Yana Lewis Dance Company and another in Timmonsville, South Carolina.

The latest Honda factory opened in in Tallapoosa, Georgia. After building the brand in the States, Honda found it hard to compete in the luxury car segments against the veteran American producers and European imports so it introduced its on line of luxury vehicles in Known as Acura, Cpmpany range comprises variations of successful Honda models such as the Legend or Integra.

Honda was the first Japanese car maker to do so, follow by fellow Nissan and Toyota which have launched their own separate luxury lines, Infiniti and Lexus.

The quest for a better engine was completed in when Honda announced the introduction of the V-Tec. Presently, Honda is involved in smart engine research, safety improvements and pre-crash warning and avoidance systems. As far as their involvement in motor sports goes, Honda has been constantly striving to hold its position with one foot on the podium and the other one caught in menacing holdbacks and loses against other Japanese producers like Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki.

The company's latest car-engineering improvements are primarily fuel and safety oriented, the latter having become one of the major criteria in car buying choices especially in the Mpdels States. The company's involvement in developing new cleaner vehicles has finally paid Movels Honda Motor Company Latest Models the recent release of the FCX Clarity. Powered by hydrogen cells, the car does not emit any pollutants, the only by products being water and oxygen.

When its not developing new fuel technology, Honda is busy with being the largest engine producer on Earth, with over 14 million engines manufactured per year.

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