Has anyone used the honest company products for bathing you LO little one that has eczema? Does it work good if you have? I'm trying to find a good bath product to help minimize the flare ups. Someone mentioned a company called I Ecema California baby. Has anyone used that product vs. My daughter has such sensitive skin and I want to find the best products.

Thank you all! I use triple paste but is there a better product out there? They Honest Company Eczema for sensitive skin and some of their products specifically say for eczema prone skin.

And for my 7 year old we use cetaphil moisturizing cream, dermarest eczema medicated lotion, aveeno eczema oatmeal baths, and occasionally prescription cream from the dr. Mustela has a diaper rash cream too. Ill look into that. I do use the Aveeno eczema oatmeal bath at times and use CeraVe Lotion.

That works great on her skin. My doc also suggested both of these as well. I used to use the Honest products but it didn't help, although i can't say it made anything worse. Good luck. She said only use creams. So we use dove sensitive for bath timeand nivea cream afterward. We have used berts bees before. I love their diaper rash. If money is a problem then nivea has s big blue container that is a little expensivr Huck Manufacturing Company first but last for months.

Bray hasnt had a flare up in over a year now with those brands. My nephew had terrible eczema and we used Dove bar soap on him and coated his eczema in Auquaphor every night before bed. The Dove bar was the only soap he could tolerate. He also had a wheat and dairy allergy that caused flares. I have heard good things about California Baby too but haven't used it for eczema.

I probably should since my son is allergic to everything outdoors. Ill see how that reacts in the next week on her skin. The CeraVe Cream I've been using works great. Use it as a lotion or diaper rash cream. Throw out all those aveeno, johnson and johnson and medications that "help" eczema. Those do nothing if you do not Xuzhou Armour Rubber Company Ltd the triggers.

Many people with eczema have break outs triggered by unneccsary dyes and scents in common household products. It can be as simple as removing these products and other allergens from their environment.

For my yds AND scented products. So we have no pets which he is allergic tofollowing a dust mite cleaning routine for the household, use dust mite covers anywhere we can, use scent free dye free products everywhere in the whole house for all cleaning of property, clothing, and ourselves. It only matters that they be scent free dye free. And when as outbreak does occur Great product for kid wash is california baby sensitive The purpose of the wash is to avoid scents We Compwny found other scent free kid products while traveling This inactive post may not receive community feedback.

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Join now to personalize. Parenting Advice. Comments from original poster 9 Comments from original poster 9. Oh also how about diaper rash cream? I haven't used either of those but I started using mustela products for my baby and I like them. Honest Company Eczema you! There is a board on BC that helps with eczema and other skin problems. I was told by my sons dermatologist to never use lotions or aveeno on him.

Have you looked into allergies Eczeam a cause for the eczema? I haven't taken her to the allergist yet. I 350 Brewing Company Bert bees on her tonight for her bath.

Organic coconut oil will soothe her skin from itchyness and inflammation oh yeah and as for shampp california Honest Company Eczema is awesome! This thread is napping. In Reply to FunMoonMoon x. Create a post in "Parenting Advice" group. Large Honewt. Activity Badge. This product is matched to user comments in this Honest Company Eczema.

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Amazon.com: The Honest Company Eczema Soothing Therapy ...

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