Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, The Honest Company passionately believes in creating effective and unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable products for babies and homes.

The growing product line is comprised of eco-friendly diapers with super stylish designs Honest Company Founder a natural line of bath, skincare, home cleaning, and organic nutritional supplement products — all Compzny Honest Company Founder convenient bundles that can be customized, personalized, Funder conveniently shipped whenever needed. Jessica Alba is founder and chief creative officer of The Honest Company, which she launched in with a mission to inspire and empower people to live a healthy life.

She is also an actress, activist, and New York Times bestselling author. The Honest Company sells products that are effective, safe, beautiful, accessible, and Honest Company Founder. It is a trusted resource committed to providing education and support across its community of members.

The Honest Company now has a presence across the U. In Jessica Foubder the New York Times Honest Company Founder book, The Honest Life, a practical guide Offshore Outsourcing Company parents to create a safe and healthy life for their families.

Brian Lee is a serially successful entrepreneur who, at The Honest Company is implementing similar strategies to that which he pioneered at companies like ShoeDazzle and LegalZoom. Honest Company Founder also co-founded LegalZoom, a highly successful online consumer legal services company. Brian graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B. Christopher Gavigan has devoted his life to helping families nurture the healthiest, happiest babies and children.

Christopher Honest Company Founder the former CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World national nonprofit empowering parents to protect their children from toxic risksauthor of a best-selling book, and instrumental in catapulting health messages into millions of homes with a collaboration with WebMD. Joel Cutler. Website Opportunities. General Catalyst Team.

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Jul 09, 2018 · Starting The Honest Company. Founded in 2012, The Honest Company has raised more than $530 million over seven rounds of funding. Positioned as a provider of eco-friendly and natural baby products and home goods, The Honest Company was borne from founder Jessica Alba’s search for safe, eco-friendly, and affordable childcare products.…

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Apr 26, 2012 · Together, we have created The Honest Company-- a monthly service that delivers customized bundles of non- toxic, eco-friendly, adorable products directly to your front door. We launched on January 17th with a product line that parents across country chose based on what they use everyday: diapers, wipes, baby bath and skin care and home cleaning ...…