Shampol bought this product for my toddler nephew after Shampoi some terrible things about Johnson and Johnson products for babies. I hope I'm not succumbing to the naive bandwagon about chemicals in my beauty products.

Company Picnic Meme with a Shampok I would rather not take chances. Now on to my review. I LOVE the scent of this sweet orange vanilla shampoo and body wash. I love the pump format. The ingredients from what I can see are sulfate free.

And the scents are from essential oils. The product rinses clean and no rashes or sensitivities. I will say it is expensive. I paid But then again, I'm not sure what half the chemicals are in the J and J so I guess you get what you pay for.

I have purchased twice now and it does last a long time so it's worth it to me. Thank you Shampo Alba for starting this Honest Company.

I don't use this as a shampoo but rather a body wash, and I really love it. The ingredient list Honest Company Shampoo Reviews my bottle is different than the list left by the below reviewer, so Honest Company Shampoo Reviews must have been a formula change at some point.

Sadly, this is one of the first Honest Company products that I haven't liked. I found this shampoo to be really drying on my straight, fine hair. I can use it Google Company Background Information my DD's 2B hair but I have to follow it with conditioner from root to tip.

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