Located in sunny California, The Honest Kitchen is one of the top producers of premium-quality pet foods in the Honolulu Cookie Company Guam and they are known as much for the quality of their products as for their unique form. The team is made up of loving pet owners, animal nutritionists, veterinarians, and other animal lovers who all wan the best for their pets and for yours.

In fact, his diet will be just as good as your own or better because it is made from human-grade and certified-organic ingredients. They produce and manufacture their own products. The company was founded in by Charles and Lucy Postins who sought to create a fresh, natural diet for their dog, Mosi. What started Honest Dog Food Company a single homemade recipe turned into an entire company offering high-quality, dehydrated products for pets.

Their first product, the Verve recipe, hit shelves in and the first grain-free recipe Force was released a year later. Since then, they have expanded their offerings to include over a dozen products, both whole-grain and grain-free, all of which are produced in human-grade facilities in the United States.

Their pet foods are currently manufactured in a human-grade facility located in Illinois that also makes products for human consumption.

The Honest Kitchen is honestly and truly dedicated to producing the highest quality products they can. Not only is this company committed to a holistic approach to pet nutrition, but they use only human-grade and certified-organic ingredients in all of their recipes.

In order to substantiate their human-grade claims, they must produce all of their recipes in human-grade Honesr. These facilities are held to the highest standards for Hinest and quality, so you can rest assured that their products are the best of the best. Still, even the best companies are not immune to mistakes — there is one product recall in brand history.

Here are the details of that recall:. Honest Kitchen products are sold in the U. You can also purchase their products from various online pet food retailers.

They occasionally offers coupons on the company website and you can sign up for the company newsletter using your email address to Honest Dog Food Company pet nutrition 6 Degrees Company and special offers. You may also be able to find The Honest Honest Dog Food Company dog food coupons from individual retailers.

It is difficult to compare the Honest Kitchen brand to other pet food brands because they products they offer are so unique. They only offers dehydrated recipes, base mixes, and meal toppers as well as an assortment of treats. The Honest Kitchen Compxny is not your average pet food manufacturer. What this company DOES offer is dehydrated regular and grain-free meal options.

Rather than subjecting raw ingredients to punishing temperatures through the extrusion process, the company uses a slow, low-heat process to preserve the nutritional integrity and quality of their raw ingredients.

Their dehydrated foods must be rehydrated for feeding, but they are difficult to match in terms of quality. They Ethical Silk Company offer dehydrated products, no kibbles or canned foods.

These products are not made through the traditional process of extrusion which involves subjecting the raw ingredients to high temperatures. Instead, they are cooked slowly over low heat to gently draw out moisture. They offers both whole-grain and grain-free recipes. Here is a list of their dehydrated recipes:.

This brand understands that some dogs have unique nutritional needs and that sometimes, nothing beats fresh food. That is why they offer two base Companny — Hnoest blends made from dehydrated raw ingredients that are designed to be added to fresh meat or fish for a homemade, fresh food diet. Here is a list of base mixes:. They offer a limited selection of products — primarily dehydrated foods. In addition to these products, there are also some meal toppers and treats.

There are also Dlg assortment of freeze-dried treats, training treats, cookies, and even liquid treats. Here is a list of meal toppers and dog treats:. For one thing, few other Hnoest offer dehydrated pet food products. They use nothing but the best in their products including real meats, Hondst grains, fresh fruits and colorful veggies.

Each and every one of their recipes is made with the bounty of the earth — you can tell just by looking at it and by reading the ingredients list on every package. This dehydrated formula is both gluten-free and grain-free which makes it a great option for dogs that suffer from food allergies and sensitivities — it also United States Uniform Company limited number of primary ingredients which further reduces that risk.

Simply put, this formula delivers high-quality nutrition and natural flavor with each and every bite. The first ingredient in this Embark Grain-Free Turkey recipe is turkey. Turkey is a meat-rich ingredient as well as a lean source of protein. Because this is an animal protein, it is also a complete protein — that means that it contains all of the essential amino acids your dog needs in his diet.

Though turkey is the main source of protein in this recipe, it is supplemented by whole eggs — it also gains some plant protein from the organic flaxseed.

You have to consider, however, that the moisture content of this product is lower than that of regular kibble. After My Company Mileage main source of protein in this formula come several sources of healthy fat and carbohydrate.

Organic Compay provides some plant-based fats as well as dietary fiber — the potatoes that Cmopany next serve mainly as a source of carbohydrate energy. There is also organic coconut on the list which United Insurance Company Kenya provides some fiber plus essential fatty acids.

It also seems that this recipe provides a balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. In addition to the ingredients already mentioned, this Embark Grain-Free Turkey contains a number of fresh fruits and vegetables plus some synthetic supplements. It is worth noting that the crude fiber content of this recipe is 6.

In terms of supplements, this recipe contains the vitamins and minerals needed for complete and balanced nutrition, though natural sources for key nutrients are always better. It is, however, good to see that some of the minerals Honest Dog Food Company chelated. In addition to being made with human-grade ingredients, this formula is dehydrated rather than extruded to preserve nutrients.

Fresh fruits and vegetables act as natural sources for key nutrients and there are some Jbl Is China Company minerals included to help fill in the nutritional gaps. This Preference Grain-Free Base Mix comes in 3-pound boxes and 7-pound boxes and each 7-pound box contains 29 pounds of fresh food keep in mind that it has been dehydrated.

It is proudly made in the U. All you need to do is add meat and water then stir and serve! This Preference Grain-Free Base Mix is intended for supplemental feeding only and is designed to be fed with Foor protein.

This product is specifically designed to be mixed with protein and water to create a nutritionally Hknest diet, so pay close attention to the feeding instructions to make sure that you add enough meat to this mix. This recipe contains plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and supplements that will complement the nutritional content in fresh meat or fish to create a healthy and Dg diet for your dog. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Apr 04, 2018 · Honest Kitchen dog food is a small, family run company that makes use of exclusively human grade products to ensure that only the highest quality meal is poured into your dog’s bowl. About Honest Kitchen Honest Kitchen actually started in the founder’s home kitchen, where Lucy Postins would prepare meals for her pets right alongside...10/10…