A year after unveiling its new brand identity, which featured a revamped logo and new burgundy and warm orange color palette, The Honey Baked Ham Company announced its plans to launch a major remodeling program across its network of retail stores. In addition to providing an updated look to HoneyBaked's retail stores, the initiative also aims to provide an enhanced customer experience.

The new retail store design is intended to reinforce HoneyBaked's Honey Baked Company offering of ham, turkey, sides and lunch by aligning the stores with the attention to detail and handcrafted care that consumers often associate with their neighborhood butcher shop and deli.

Honey Baked Company of the design attributes of the new stores will reinforce this Jump Dance Company Bradenton Fl connection. Incorporated into the new design will be an extensive exterior remodel including new signage, relocated entrance doors, new building color and awnings featuring the new branded color palette and upgraded lighting and landscaping.

Interior enhancements will feature a handcrafted look including wood tones and subway tile, updated signage, enhanced merchandising area, and the ability to increase or decrease seating based on peak traffic times. Additionally, the store design Honey Baked Company leverage technology and layout to improve the customer experience during seasonal times, something Pet Gear Company brand made a focal point during planning.

HoneyBaked Ham plans to remodel retail stores per year. Industry News October 30, The Honey Baked Ham Company. Design HoneyBaked Ham. Kitchen Updates to Relieve Labor Pressures. Acquires Leadership Development Program.

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Honey Baked™ Turkey Breast - Smoked

Our Honey Baked™ Turkey Breast is fully cooked and ready to enjoy. Take the meat out of the refrigerator to stand at room temperature for at least 15 min before serving. Refrigerate unused portions immediately. Honey Baked Turkey Breasts are pre-sliced. To ……