Magistrates' Court. It is Intormation for the registration of local and non-Hong Kong companies. The previous form of the Companies Registry was formed in with the enforcement of the first Companies Ordinance which Hong Kong Company Information based on the Act in the United Kingdom and Zero Clothing Company governed by the Registrar of the Supreme Court.

The period of reservation for both newly established company and existing company was three months. Extending for extra three months of the period of reservation could be applied. Inthere were major and important laws established by the Standing Committee. Power was given to the company by the Companies Ordinance to manage the operation of the company, the minimum number of individuals to establish a public company was reduced from 7 to 2, the explanation of a company limited by shares had been updated etc.

The Ibiza Boat Company Registry was then established on 1 May headed by the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau and the trading fund of the Companies Registry was set up on 1 Augustbeing one of the earliest government department which operated with trading fund.

It introduced numbers of rules regarding to the incorporation of companies, major restrictions were the minimum number of members to start a business, kinds of limited liabilityname changing etc. A revised Ordinance was formed with the Companies Act which was mainly to incorporate the rising of China companies. Inthe Amendment Ordinance was constructed which let the companies in Hong Kong to expand and develop business outside the British-Hong Kong colony.

Alternation of the memorandumpower of companies, definition of company limited by shares etc. InHong Kong was officially KKong to China from British colonythe Companies Amendment Ordinance of further translated the details of law to Chinese. Until 2 Julythe Companies Amendment Ordinance established and the main change was the forbiddance of starting a company limited by guarantee with a share capital. On 10 Decembera revised version, Companies Amendment Ordinance was introduced which the Ordinance gave a larger extent of power to Infomation the violation of rules.

The new Companies Ordinance which include sections and 11 schedules was commenced on 3 March Some details were extending the application of deregistration from private companies only to also companies limited by guaranteethe name of Extraordinary General Meeting was changed to General Meetinglowered Infoormation restriction of corporate director which needed at least one director to one natural person. Two types of limited company are opened for registration in Hong Kongcompany limited by shares and company limited by guaranteedepending on the purpose of starting a company.

All non-Hong Kong company should register in the Companies Registry not later than one month after starting business in Hong Kong. Application requires five documents, the Form NN1, a certified copy of the instrument defining the company's constitution, a certified copy of the company's certificate of incorporation, a certified copy of the company's latest published accounts and a Notice to Business Registration Office IRBR2.

Before starting the application, checking of the existing name of other registered companies may be needed as the Companies Registry will reject the request if the name has already Inofrmation taken. Checking of the existing name of other registered companies is also needed no matter the type of company to avoid being rejected. Two documents are required for registered non-Hong Kong company to change name, Form NN10 and a certified copy of any official document Procedures To Establish A Public Company the Government of Hong Hng.

Annual Return and statutory documents are required for both non-Hong Kong and local companies to summit to the Companies Registry Infofmation as notice of appointment of receiver or manager, notice of mortgagee entering possession of property or notification of payment.

With the restriction of Companies Ordinance, Limited Partnerships Ordinance, Registered Trustees Incorporation Ordinance and Miscellaneous Incorporation Ordinances, [4] information should be disclosed to the public in certain extent. Information of company and records Iformation licensed money lender can be searched at the Cyber Search Centre located in the office Qatar Chemical Company Careers Companies Registry.

Some of the searching are not charged which include company name, document index, register of disqualification orders index and register of charges index. For charged document such as principal account, directors index search or obtaining certificate etc. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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