Our services include i Hong Kong company setup services; ii corporate bank account opening services in Hong Kong and abroad; iii assistance to open HK merchant account and secure corporate finance; iv employee recruitment and relocation strategies and v office rental solutions in Hong Kong. Choose your Hong Kong business entity. A Hong Kong company can be easily set up in less than a week. Even though the process for corporate bank account opening is challenging, this can be solved by purchasing a ready-made HK shelf company that already has a bank account.

Hong Kong corporate tax rate is Offshore companies do not have to pay any taxes in Hong Kong. Considered as one of the least corrupt countries, Hong Kong is a leading financial center whose regulation does not restrict foreign investment nor income repatriation.

Hong Kong private limited company can be incorporated within 1 week with 1 director and 1 shareholder. View all steps. Compare timelines with other type of businesses in Hong Kong. The bank officer will physically meet all bank signatories, including all the shareholders and directors of the company. Engaging a professional service provider will increase bank account approval success rate.

All foreign entrepreneurs, except certain nationalities, will Ross County Water Company Inc required to obtain this visa to be self-employed in Hong Kong. Employers are required to apply for employee visas when hiring foreign employees. Each business entity is meant to have different business Palm Tree Company and they do have different set up requirements.

The table below outlines the major differences:. Is there any minimum paid up capital required to incorporate a company in Hong Kong? No, there is no minimum paid up capital required for business registration in Hong Hong Kong Company Registry. How to open a non-resident Hong Kong Company Registry account in Hong Kong? Hong Kong has a massive banking sector catering to the needs of both residents and non-residents of the jurisdiction.

It is a pretty simple process to open a non-resident bank account in Hong Kong, that may take up to a maximum of 1 month. The name change will be effective from the date of receipt of the issued Certificate of Change of Name. The table below briefly outlines the main differences between a limited company and an unlimited company in Hong Kong:. Is an office required to register business in Hong Kong?

Yes, a registered address is required to incorporate a company in Hong Kong. There is no requirement for a physical office space. What licenses are required to start doing business in Hong Kong? The Business Registration Ordinance in Hong Kong states that every person conducting business in Hong Kong must get their business registered within one month from the date of commencement of their business. To know the specific license required for your business in Hong Kong, you can visit this website.

How long does it take to incorporate in Hong Kong? Business incorporation in Hong Kong is a straightforward process which can be achieved within 1 week, if there is proper planning and documentation in place.

Can a foreign investor open a trust company in Hong Kong? If I form a trust in Hong Kong, will it be considered a legal entity? No, a trust company is not considered as a separate legal entity in Hong Kong. Why should I set up a trust in Hong Kong? To find out about the procedures to set up a company in Hong Kong, please refer to our incorporation page. Register Grout Specialist Company company in Hong Kong now!

Hong Kong Hong Kong Company Registry fee per engagement. View fees invoice. Register your company. Within a week, our Business Development Director will email revert to you with a draft partnership agreement. Please include below a sample of your professional services and fees:. Are you able to provide us with a schedule of fees for your core professional services? Please read this web page and advise how we can help each other.

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By exporting the form and ensuring the required fields are completed, you agree to the Privacy Policy and consent to the collection of your personal data above. All rights reserved. Every country in the world…. Abu Dhabi. Burkina Faso. Zeus Company Branchburg Nj Islands.

Central African Republic. Costa Rica. Czech Republic. Dominican Republic. El Salvador. Equatorial Guinea. Hong Kong. Isle of Man. Jebel Ali. Marshall Islands. New Zealand. North Macedonia. Papua New Guinea. Ras Al Khaimah.

San Marino. Saudi Arabia. Sierra Leone. South Africa. South Korea. Sri Lanka. Taxation Hong Kong corporate tax rate is Excellent business environment Considered as one of the least corrupt countries, Hong Kong is a leading financial center whose regulation does not restrict foreign investment nor income repatriation.

Check company name availability with the Companies registry and reserve a company name. Register the identity of all directors and shareholders. Submit company incorporation application to the Companies registry and Inland Revenue Department. Submit IRBR1 business registration form to complete tax registration.

Open a corporate bank account. Engagement Planning. Company incorporation. Corporate bank account approval. Corporate internet banking approval. Engagement completion. How to start a company in Hong Kong as a foreigner? Establishing a business in Hong Kong as a foreigner is a straightforward process that can be done within a week. The main steps to setup a business in Hong Kong as a foreigner are: Decide a unique company name which adheres by the guidelines provided by the Companies Registry.

What are the types of business entities that can be setup in Hong Kong? The 6 main types of business entities that can be setup in Hong Kong are: Resident company; Non-resident limited company; Trust; Public limited company; Branch office; Representative office.

The main steps to open a non-resident business bank account are: Make a list of all banks that your company is interested to board with.

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24 January 2020 New e-Form Templates New version of ALL e-form templates were issued on 19 January 2020. E-forms submitted in the old templates downloaded from the e-Registry before 7 a.m. on 19 January (Hong Kong time) will not be accepted with effect from 6 March 2020.: 11 January 2019…

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Company Registry Search in Hong Kong – All Entrepreneurs Must Know. Entrepreneurs come from all over the world to set up a company in Hong Kong.For this purpose, a Hong Kong company search (com search) or business registration search Hong Kong is often necessary to provide more information and insight into the companies you may intend to do business with.…

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Governed by the Companies Ordinance of Hong Kong, any person (foreign or local) above the age of 18 can setup a Hong Kong company.This article provides detailed information about registering a private limited liability company in Hong Kong including basic incorporation requirements, procedure and timeline, post-incorporation procedures etc ...…

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