Setting up an offshore company in Hong Kong is the perfect vehicle for conducting offshore banking activities, international trade, investment activities, and for asset protection. If you want to incorporate a Hong Kong company Zenart Company a specific name, you can opt for Hong Kong Incorporation of a private limited liability company.

If you are interested in setting up a Hong Kong company, Hawksford can help. After the Hong Kong offshore company is incorporated the following formalities must Independent Truck Company Jacket complied with:. The firm will collect the necessary documents and information from you and proceed to obtain company name approval for your Hong Kong offshore company.

The firm will then file the incorporation documents with the Companies Registry and also register the offshore Hong Kong company with the Inland Revenue Department. You will receive a company incorporation kit that includes a company seal, rubber stamp, share certificates, company profile, certificate of incorporation, etc. The firm can also assist you with opening the bank account, obtaining business licenses, procuring a relocation visa and handling ongoing company administration and compliance.

Request a quote now to take the next step in your business. You may find these Hong Kong incorporation guides also useful in helping you make your decision:. Get an introduction to the legal personality of a Hong Hong Kong Offshore Company Tax limited liability company and Independent Dent Company the best way for an entrepreneur to incorporate a company.

Get a comparative overview of the three common Hong Kong business structures - the subsidiary company, branch office and representative office. Use these answers to FAQs to support your business growth. Find out how to register a private limited liability company in Hong Kong and the basic incorporation requirements, procedures and timeline. Make incorporating and operating your business simple Discover Hawksford services today.

Discover Hawksford. Estimate your annual taxes See how Hong Kong stacks up against your home country. Tax calculator. Setting up a Hong Kong company is simple and easy, devoid of unnecessary bureaucracy or red-tape. There are no special authorizations that are required from government authorities prior to Hong Kong company setup. Tax benefits : Hong Kong taxes are among the lowest in the world. The tax system is simple and favors offshore company setup.

Thus, a Hong Kong offshore company that derives income from abroad is free from tax liabilities in Hong Kong. Political stability : There exists a direct relationship between political stability and the investment climate. Despite Hong Kong being a Special Administrative Region of China, it retains its political, economic and judicial systems. Trusted Image : Hong Kong is often criticized as being an offshore tax haven.

In reality, it is not a tax haven but simply a low tax jurisdiction. This view has also been endorsed by the OECD. Hong Kong is also one of the jurisdictions that has committed itself to the international standard on tax information and exchange.

As a result, an offshore company in Hong Kong is not viewed negatively or with suspicion. Directors : Minimum one director required. Unlimited maximum number of directors. Directors can be natural persons or companies. Directors can be Hong Kong residents or non-residents. Hong Kong Offshore Company Tax can be of any nationality.

Nominee directors allowed. Shareholders : Minimum one shareholder required. Maximum of 50 shareholders allowed. Shareholders can be natural persons or companies.

Shareholders can be Hong Kong residents or non-residents. Shareholders can be of any nationality. Nominee shareholders allowed. Sole director can act as shareholder. Company Secretary : Appointing a company secretary is mandatory by law. Company secretary can be a local individual or corporate resident. A professional qualification is not required.

Overseas income or foreign-sourced income is Hong Kong Offshore Company Tax from Hong Kong tax. Ready to Incorporate? Request a quote. After the Hong Kong offshore company is incorporated the following formalities must be complied with: File documents with Hong Kong Offshore Company Tax Companies Registry : Within 14 days of Hong Kong incorporation the following documents must be submitted to the Companies Registry: Appointment notification of directors and secretary; consent to act as director; registered address notification; other documents requested by the Companies Registry.

Open a corporate bank account : Hong Kong offers several choices of banks with whom you can open a corporate bank account. Request a Quote. Let us guide you further You may find these Hong Kong incorporation guides also useful in helping you make your decision:. Find out about Hawksford incorporation services.

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An example of a company that qualifies for the offshore profits tax exemption. A Hong Kong company using our address as its business address and with a bank account in Hong Kong would enjoy tax-free profits in Hong Kong if. The company is being operated by the owner or its employees from an overseas address.…

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Feb 04, 2020 · The jurisdiction of Hong Kong has a simple tax structure that really allows for easy company setup. Its corporate income tax stands at only 16.5%. But, the best bit is that HK companies are not liable to pay tax for their profits earned outside of the autonomous region.Location: 17/F, 2A, Glenealy Tower No. 1, Hong Kong…