Our store features made-to-order chips on Mondays through Saturdays. Sweet potato and taro are sliced and cooked when you place your order. You can even combine seasonings to make your own favorite creation.

Honolulu Chip Company Fridays Honolulu Chip Company Saturdays, you can enjoy our made-to-order chips with a drink from the Island Brew beverage bar. Try one of their Signature Iced Teas lilikoi, lychee or mango flavoreda coffee, or a a chocolate haupia frappe.

They are perfect with a bag of made-to-order chips! Friday: 9am - 5pm Made-to-order chips and Island Brew beverage bar open. Saturday: 10am - 3pm Made-to-order chips, and Island Brew beverage bar open. View Larger Map. All Rights Reserved. Hawaii Web Site Design by Zakidesign.