The series stars Thomas MiddleditchT. YangStephen Tobolowskyand Chris Diamantopoulos. The series' first season premiered on HBO on April 6, Richard Hendricksportrayed by Thomas Middleditchis a Stanford dropout and coder at tech company Hooli. Richard quits his job to pursue his compression application Pied Piper. The company initially starts out as a simple data compression platform, but when this, and a videochat that Dinesh created with the algorithm fails, Richard pivots toward creating a new, decentralized internet, called PiperNet.

This is exemplified in the season 5 premiere, wherein Richard uses Gavin's tactic of National Petroleum Construction Company Recruitment 2019 large amounts of company money and resources to bankrupt two weaker, recently merged companies, ostensibly to acquire their coders, but in reality to get petty vengeance on the two CEOs, who had tried to screw him over.

Erlich Bachmanportrayed by T. Miller seasons 1—4is an arrogant entrepreneur who founded an innovation incubator in his home after the purchase of his airfare collator Aviato. Erlich still holds on to his glory days in the valley, wearing Aviato T-shirts and driving a Ford Escape adorned with Aviato logos. Erlich is a frequent user of marijuana. It is revealed in the season 2 finale that Erlich no longer codes because of severe carpal tunnel syndrome.

Despite being relatively unsuccessful in his own entrepreneurial ventures, he is a charismatic public speaker and negotiator, and is often seen as the "face" of Pied Piper. In season 3 he begins to have a less active role in Pied Piper.

He begins to start his own VC firm with Big Head but then declares bankruptcy. After selling his Pied Piper shares to cover his debts, he gets rehired into the company as a PR representative.

Erlich then decides to focus on Jian-Yang's product which also fails. After another failed deal with Kenan Feldspar and quitting his job at Bream-Hall, Erlich then decides that he and Richard will never be successful and moves away to Tibet to join Gavin Belson at a monastery at the end of season 4.

In season 5, Erlich isn't present and Jian-Yang tries to prove he's dead in order to take Erlich's house and stake in Pied Piper. Jian-Yang is successful. However, Big Head is proved to be Erlich's next of kin and ends up getting the house and the Pied Piper share.

However, this camp actually uses the campers to generate product reviews as part of an Online Reviews Farm, and the actual Erlich Bachman does not appear in the episode. After work on Pied Piper commences, Big Head is offered a huge raise and promotion by Gavin Belson to help Hooli develop its copycat softwareNucleus, out of Hooli Company Wiki and because Richard was forced to limit his staff.

He is continually promoted so rapidly that buzz develops about him, and he ends up on the cover of Wired magazine. He is later removed from the Nucleus project due to his lack of technical knowledge, and has absolutely no responsibilities at Hooli. He was later promoted further to make it appear that he was the actual creator of Pied Piper while working at Hooli, but he is unaware of this.

Big Head then buys a majority stake in PiperChat following the sale of a technology blog he and Erlich owned. Due to his poor business Not Listed Company, his father takes over control of his share on his behalf. Big Head moves into Erlich's house but keeps in touch with Jian-Yang, allowing him to Hooli Company Wiki back into the house after Jian-Yang loses everything in China.

Bertram Gilfoyleportrayed by Martin Starris a LaVeyan Satanist network engineer and undocumented immigrant from Canada, until he successfully applies for a visa after Dinesh puts him under pressure.

Gilfoyle credits himself as an online security expert, and as such is responsible for system administration and server configuration at Pied Piper. Gilfoyle has a girlfriend Tara Milana Vayntrub who is also a My Energy Company Satanist, with the two having an open and long-standing relationship, though Tara still lies to Gilfoyle about sleeping with other men.

While North Sea Clothing Company is usually indifferent to Richard and lacks loyalty toward him, Gilfoyle highly respects Richard as a coder and admits that Pied Piper is nothing without Richard. Like Dinesh, Gilfoyle is quick-witted and merciless, but in contrast, highly apatheticsardonic and brutally honest.

He acts as the systems architect Hammer Company Pied Piper. Gilfoyle is very confident in his abilities and has proven his worth to the Pied Piper team on multiple occasions, such as building the server farm "Anton", to save the company the struggle of paying for generic, mediocre servers in an office space.

Due to this, Gilfoyle takes great pride in his security tech, becoming very nervous and confused whenever his tech is compromised. In season 5, Gilfoyle is promoted to senior management along with Dinesh with the title of X Company On Ovation Systems Architect".

By Season 6, Gilfoyle is promoted to VP of Architecture at Pied Piper but refuses to take anyone under his management, preferring to work on the Systems Architecture by himself. Hooli Company Wiki Chugtaiportrayed by Kumail Nanjianiis a talented programmer specializing in Java originally from KarachiPakistan who is typically the victim of Gilfoyle's embarrassing games and pranks. Dinesh exhibits a quick-witted and merciless temperament toward everyone on the team, and often behaves in a deceitful and unhelpful manner, such as when he plots the death of a man who was dating the girl that he liked.

Dinesh is also shown to be especially materialistic and uncomfortable with women. Dinesh always seems to run into bad luck, such as getting involved with cyber criminals to opportunities for recognition. Like Gilfoyle, Dinesh usually lacks loyalty to Richard, Dewitt Construction Company in season 4, when Dinesh was briefly CEO of PiperChat, he refused to give Richard algorithm usage data in exchange for use of the algorithm as promised.

However, Richard keeps Dinesh on account that despite his disloyal acts, Dinesh is still very good at what he does. In season 5, Dinesh is promoted to senior management along with Gilfoyle and gains an obsession with being the "top Tesla driver" in the company. Gregory is extremely intelligent, but socially awkward, eccentric and fastidious. Historically, Gregory and Gavin Belson were friends, however their relationship soured as each went to run their own competing tech companies, making interactions between them awkward.

Welch died after the fifth episode of season 1 was completed, but the character remained present off-screen for the remainder of the season. Gregory later died in the season 2 premiere. Monica is saddened by Gregory's death and still highly reveres him, becoming very disappointed whenever the values Gregory believed in and instilled in the Valley are Zondervan Company, notably by Laurie Bream's profit-motivated approach to business.

In season 5, Monica finally severs all business ties with Laurie, and moves to Pied Piper as its new chief financial officer. Like Richard, Jared is anxious and vulnerable, but gains confidence as the series progresses and the company's success necessitates it.

Jared is a graduate of Vassar College and provides the business skills that the largely engineering-oriented team lacks, which Gilfoyle admits is very helpful due to their disdain for the business side of startups, providing business strategies to the team such as scrum and SWOT analysis. He is also exceedingly optimistickind-hearted and staunchly loyal to Richard, sacrificing his high-paying and financially secure job at Hooli to lend his business expertise to Pied Piper.

His birth name is Donald, but his former boss, Gavin, once referred to him as Jared, and the nickname stuck, despite the Pied Piper team knowing it's not his real name. He is frequently roasted by the other employees of Pied Piper, aside from Richard who often protects him, though he tends to be oblivious of this or too uptight to actually understand the insult.

Over the course of the series, Jared drops bits and pieces of his considerably dark backstory, such as being the product of a forced adoption to finding his biological father in the Ozarks. In season 5, Jared is promoted to chief operating officer of Pied Piper.

In season 6, Jared leaves Pied Piper, feeling that it is no longer the company he loved and has Xtreme Force Dance Company his efforts to advising developers at the incubator. His loyalty and respect for Richard has deteriorated following this decision. Jian-Yangportrayed by Jimmy O.

Yang recurring season 1, starring season 2—6is another tenant of Erlich's incubator, and the only person who lives there that is not involved with Pied Piper in any capacity. He speaks broken English but slowly and with a heavy Chinese accent. Jian-Yang often insults and Quickbooks Company Information prank calls to Erlich, and takes a sadistic enjoyment Yazoo Valley Electric Company tormenting him.

Further, unlike him, she is completely devoid of empathy, emotion or any kind of idealism, concerning herself only with making a profit. Little is known about Laurie's personal life, except that she's recently had her fourth child, and is taking low dose MDMA for severe post-partum depression. Russ Hannemanportrayed by Chris Diamantopoulos recurring season 2—3, starring season 4, guest seasonis a brash, loud and fiery billionaire investor who provides Pied Piper with their Series A.

Hanneman is later found broke due to putting all of his money into 36 ICOs, with only one of them being successful but losing the thumb drive containing the coin. Later he becomes involved with Hooli on their Endframe Box, though is later demoted by Gavin. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Hooli CEO Gavin Belson (Matt Ross) proposes a $4 million buy-out of Pied Piper, while Peter Gregory offers a $200,000 investment for 5% ownership in the company, an offer that would result in an equivalent valuation for the company. This led Gavin to increase his offer to $10 million.…