They provide a range of personal insurance as well as savings and retirement products and several other services. Horace Mann was founded in by two Illinois teachers; the purpose of the new company was to provide educators with affordable auto insurance. The company expanded both its geographical reach as well as its product lineup over the years, and also opened its doors to all school employees.

Named for the founder of modern public education, the company aims many of its services at the needs of teachers, including things like student loan assistance and assistance with classroom funding. Workshops and other financial planning services are also available. Insurance products include auto, home insurancelife insuranceand supplemental products, with annuities and IRAs among the financial products.

Products are sold through agents, who are often former educators. Horace Mann offers the big three in personal insurance — auto, home, and life, along with a few other options and several financial products.

This includes a number of benefits:. Discounts on the auto policy include an educator discount for teachers and administrators, association discount for members of certain educational associations, and a payroll deduction discount.

There are also standard discounts like multi-policy. The home insurance package policy is basic, covering the dwelling and other structures, personal property, liability, and loss of use.

Extra coverage can be added on to customize the policy, including:. Horace Mann has several life insurance options available including term life insuranceuniversal life insuranceand whole life insurance. The site does not offer details on the policies, just general overviews of the type of insurance and how it works. Horace Mann offers a range of financial products aimed mainly at retirement savings, but also college savings.

These include:. Online quoting is not offered by Horace Mann, and rates are only available through an agent. An agent locator is found on the website that helps visitors to find a local source for rate information. Since Horace Mann serves only a specific market, it is not surprising that the offer quotes only through agents. We ran a sample through that system for this review and found Horace Mann to be the third least expensive option for standard coverage.

A separate number Horace Mann Insurance Company Claims listed for glass-only claims as well as for disability claims. There is a mobile app, but it does not appear to have a claim filing function. Glass claims are handled through Safelite, a national mobile glass repair and replacement company.

They are used by many large insurance companies and work directly with the claims department for direct billing. The site provides a checklist for each type of claim and a basic overview of what to expect from the process. Claims information is easy to locate on the site and presented clearly and concisely. There are 11 negative customer reviews on the website, many of them complaining about poor customer service and billing issues.

We were unable Raleigh Drone Company find much in the way of customer reviews elsewhere, including the usual insurance review sites. A lack of reviews usually denotes a positive reputation, since people are less likely to write a review when happy than when dissatisfied. Horace Mann has a good reputation and Facebook Parent Company to have low rates, at least based on the information we were able to find.

They are well worth a look for those who are school employees and are seeking a company aimed at the needs of educators.

For a list of companies that we recommend, visit our Best Insurance Companies page. I am a former insurance agent and banker turned consumer advocate. My priority is to help educate individuals and families about the different types of insurance they need, and assist them in finding the best place to get it. Upon discovery, by plumber the pipe was old galvanized and rusted leaking between the cabinet and wall. I was an HM agent for 4 years, both as an exclusive agent and a licensed producer.

The other issue I think is specific to HM, but not limited to HM is that it views its exclusive agents like employees. It requires them to jump through hoops and does not allow them the freedom to pursue the kinds of business they want. They fire company owners exclusive agents for failing to meet production quotas, which strands customers.

The agents who stay get disheartened and demoralized by the lack of support. When I left HM and became an independent agent 4 years ago, it was my independence day. With that same video and pictures, another Insurance Company was able to find all the information on this driver and the vehicle within 24 hours. Stay as far away from this company as you can get, and pray that nobody ever hits your car that has Horace Mann Insurance because it will never get resolved and you will be left paying for everything.

In that time I never filed a claim until I was struck by an uninsured motorist in mid-August its now end of February Avoid them like the plague. They take your money but give you absolutely nothing in return. They are required by law to respond within a specific amount of time. If they do not they can be sued. Fortitude to you. A customer of mine was hit at a stop light in the rear pushed into another vehicle in front of her by a Horace Mann insured driver.

She got two estimates one from me and one from another body shop both showing nearly 2 grand of damage. I dealt with a [Redacted] who then transfers the claim to a rude [redated] named [Redacted] who proceeds to tell me that there just doing a claim on the rear not the front as well. What a joke. Who is gonna waste there time to fix 2 grand of damage with dollars?

My question is if you [redacted] ever had experience in the body shop field then you would have a right but sitting behind a desk pushing a [redacted] pencil so the company you work for is to the good will come back on you eventually so if you wanna know what I think HORACE MANN SUCKS!

Thanks, Tamar! I forgot how rude and sarcastic they were. Horrible company. Avoid a headache and find another insurance company. Why pay for insurance when you will get denied when you make a claim? My car was hit by one of their policyholders. Then, they lowballed me completely on their settlement offer. The Horace Mann claim rep [Redacted].

Finally, I had to speak to his boss. That seems to be their approach. Oh yes, they low balled me on my settlement as well. But I ended up taking it so I could get them out of my mind and move on with my life. Me too. I have a lawyer but they are absolutely criminal — get out while you can if you have Horace Mann.

They are horrible at paying out. On further inspection we found multiple problems including being charged for properties we know nothing about. Big heads up here, check out your business with them. You get what you pay for, and in this case you will get very little. Regarding my recent experience with home insurance in North Carolina Horace Mann Insurance Company Claims — Agent does not answer his phone, and may get Horace Mann Insurance Company Claims to you in a day or two, or not.

No apologies were given, written or otherwise. No written notice of the cancellation was given to the clients or the new mortgage company. One of their clients ran a stop Hillman Company Pittsburgh and had no license and admitted guilt for the accident that totalled my car.

After 12 days I still cannot get a rental car. This is by far the worst company I have ever had to deal with. My adjuster is [Redacted] at Horace Mann Insurance Company Claims and her supervisor is [Redacted] at [Redacted], neither of which you will be able to reach.

I have tried several times is the 10 day period since the accident only to be frustrated by no communication by email, text or phone. My truck was hit by one of their insured she ran a stop sign on Jan 24,and I honestly feel like I was involved in a hit and run.

I took a picture of the impact which included her car. Every agent that I have spoken with gives Fish And Chips Company Franchise a different answer.

To say I am livid is putting it mildly! They claim to have been trying to reach their insured. I was told the time frame they give their insured is up to 2 weeks. Now I see how people go postal at businesses! I am feeling REAL postal at this point. They have no empathy whatsoever! I just want to get my car fixed. Who would USE them after reading these reviews?

I had to be very very demanding with Horace Mann. I had the original adjuster removed from the claim after a very long and frustrating phone conversation and within 24 hours the second adjuster processed the repairs.

So then I decided to shop prices because they seemed fairly high. I called Costco Auto Insurance and got a much lower rate. Then the agent from Costco Auto Insurance said that I could have a lower rate but because of how Horace Mann was reporting my first Car Company Rankings 2017, my rates were higher than they should be.

I called Horace Mann and they were very rude and evasive.

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Auto glass claims are handled by our Fast Glass unit in the home office. You may use a network repair shop or the glass repair company of your choice. If the repair work has already been completed, please send the bill to: The Horace Mann Companies P.O. Box 19223 Springfield, IL 62794-9223…

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Request an Auto quote. ... Horace Mann offers auto insurance underwritten by Horace Mann Insurance Company and its affiliates and via partner companies. This quote request does not guarantee coverage and is not a statement of contract. Find an agent. Find an ……