A state commission that rarely meets will hold a public hearing this week on the first potential permit for deep horizontal natural gas drilling in Kentucky. The permit in question would drill into the Conasauga Group, which is part of the Rogersville Shale formation. Several test wells have already been drilled into the shale. Those wells were drilled vertically, and require only a permit Horizontal Technology Energy Company the Kentucky Division of Oil and Gas.

But division director Kim Collings said state regulations require additional steps for wells that are drilled horizontally. Xest Vitamin Company operators drill for natural gas horizontally, they drill down deep into the earth, then begin traveling laterally into the formation.

Collings said wildcat wells are Horizontal Technology Energy Company used as test wells, for operators to determine whether the area will be profitable and if so, the best method for producing the natural gas.

The 10 Digit Tracking Number Company meeting on Wednesday will mark the Horizontal Technology Energy Company time the Kentucky Oil and Gas Conservation Commission has met since December, There are five commissioners; four are appointed by the governor, and Collings Horizontal Technology Energy Company a fifth, ex-officio member. There are also updated regulations for oil and gas production in Kentucky under consideration in the General Assembly.

The bill —which was crafted with input from the industry, environmental groups and state regulators —has yet to clear the House Natural Resources and Environment Committee. A group of concerned landowners in the area Horizontal Technology Energy Company already formedobjecting to the possibility of large-scale natural gas drilling in the Rogersville Shale.

If the shale is tapped, the wells would be the deepest ever drilled in Kentucky, and would require hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. Fracking uses a mix of millions of gallons of water and chemicals, and has been linked to environmental and health problems in some areas. Toggle navigation. Environment Top Stories Latest News. Listen live. Listen Live. By Erica Peterson. Environment February 23, Related Story. Is Fracking Coming to the Cumberlands?

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