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At the beginning of the war Eeth Koth's flagship, the Steadfastwas engaged by Separatist forces under the command of General Grievous. Clone Captain Lock and his clone troopers held off the super battle droids for as long as possible, until Master Koth ordered him and his men to get to the escape pods. As the droid General boarded Koth's Food Equipment Company Greerthe Zabrak Jedi was forced to confront the cyborg on the bridge.

Fighting their way through numerous commando droidsthey managed to get Koth to safety. After Grievous' escaped via escape pod to the planet Saleucami below, Skywalker Was Kenobi followed him while Gallia brought an injured Koth to a medical frigate.

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Horn Company was an elite unit or battalion of Clone Troopers during the Clone Wars Era led by Jedi General Eeth Koth and Clone Captain Lock (who had the position of being a Senior Clone Officer). The unit itself was merely a reinforcement battalion which consisted of a handful of large platoons...…