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Sort By. Status: Answered. My VPN kept cycling and dropping me, making it impossible for me to call customers. We temporarily fixed the issue by connecting my work computer to a mobile hotspot on my Verizon Network my cell phone so that I would remain connected to the VPN without dropping. Since October- this has been the process I have had to follow. They did, and From Public To Private Company that we have a ground wire that is rusted in our line, and that the line would need to be replaced.

The internet to the house is working, but the ground wire is tripping the VPN to recycle several times an hour, making it impossible to do my job. In Nov- HTC finally sent a crew out to run the new line. They said it is a fiber line and going to be great. They ran the line, had to dig below the street, it was a big project. They left, and stated that a crew would be back to bury the line, and get me a modem to connect to the fiber line and that would fix the issue. Which is the main reason we have it.

I am able to work with the VPN going on and off, but unable to call a customer. They did all that work, and said- now you need the modem. I called HTC last week and spoke with a tech supervisor who said he would "look into it" and call me back. He didn't. In the mean time, I have paid 3 HTC bills, and yet I am not able to do my job because they will not finish the repair of my line. It is incredibly frustrating. It is the busiest time of year at my job, and waiting until Jan for them to decide to finish this job just isn't going to work.

I need the line switched over, and the new modem so that I successfully do my job. Ruth Wilson Me Company have called HTC half dozen times over the last few months, and so has my husband, and there has been no resolution, so I am resorting to this complaint.

I also want my bill refunded from the time the claim was filed. I am not going to have them pay my Verizon bill as well- despite me having to use a mobile hotspot on my cell phone to do my job. Horry Telephone Zoox Car Company, Inc.

It was verified that the modem was online, no errors were reporting and the signal was within specification. Repair Technician was sent back to the location. He was told the VPN Outdoor Company Logos not drop connection when connected to the Verizon hotspot. Customer did not allow tech to go inside and check the connection but determined the signals outside were good and at the pedestal Georgia Theater Company Warner Robins Ga well.

She was however asked to check with her company if there are certain ports on our modem that we need to open to enable her VPN to work. No call was returned. The coax cable was replaced as was the modem.

Ethernet cables were also replaced. Customer was to test and call back. HTC Windsor Vacuum Company needs to find out if the customers company has certain ports that need to be open. We are committed to resolving the issue with the customer and will discuss credits as appropriate when the cause of the issue has been determined.

Customer Response. The business never finished the initial job. They laid a new cable, but did not replace the modem and splitter until Jan 7. So it needs a port on both sides, it is up to the ISP to open a default port, according to Amazon. HTC was only told they could not come inside 1 time- they never asked to check the inside the other times they came out! How can HTC say they aren't sure who is responsible? Kay Chemical Company Website are responsible.

The appropriate credits were issued for the customer's inconvenience. Made me sign a contract before service install. After install ithe service did not reach my office i was told to bad buy and extender. I set up service with HTC for my business over a year ago.

I was told i had to sign a 2 year contract. I signed it a week or Horry County Cable Company later they showed up. Drilled a hole in my wall shoved a cable through laying on my floor about 15 20 feet long in the walk way Operation Work In A Company the back of my kitchen area.

I called they came and looked at ti and tested speeds right next to the router not near my computer. I told them it did not work and was told to buy and extender. I told them i didnt want the service. I was told i signed a 2 year contract and i had to pay that full contract. I refused because this is an absolute scam in anyones eyes. They Horry County Cable Company added the balance form my buisness to my home account.

I looked at my bill online becuase they have never had my mailing address correct. They then dont me myself and anyone authorized on the account was on the hook for the total.

Remebmer i received no serivice form these people. It never worked. They are going to fix this issue or i will make it a point that the media as well at my lawyer make it clear to the public how this community based company screws people over with their contractual scams.

They are con artist and need to be stopped. The board at HTC are all in on this and line their pockets with the dirty money they steal. Removed this balance right away.

If it hits my credit i will go for damages. They do not keep records of any of their service calls so they can say you never complained and they bill you still. I had service with them in Their records indicate he never was called. I called them to my home numerous times and as soon as 2 weeks ago. They came installled new modem and all. Shows new modem on account but doesn't show anyone ever came out. They do this so they can bill you if you cancel and they can say no one was ever called.

They are out to take every penny they can from you. This is supposed to be a local company that helps locals. They are con artist and the FCC agrees. Called them today because HTC claims they do billing transfer s to other people that are authorized on the account because the FCC makes them. Maybe we can get a real cable provider in our area. Remove every charge off of my account and actually send me a paper bill that I have asked for for serval years.

The authorized user stated that he should not owe any past outstanding balance to HTC since the service did not work. The authorize user stated that HTC had made several premise visit to the address regarding the service not fully functioning, and since it was never resolved the outstanding balance owed should be dissolved.

HTC advised the authorize user that no service complaints were ever called in nor had HTC visit the premise address regarding service not fully functioning. HTC also explained the charges of the outstanding balance owed to the authorized user and the terms of the contracts.

HTC agreed to discount the outstanding balance by a majority of what was owed and advised if the rental equipment was retuned it would additional reduce the outstanding balance. The authorized user agreed to pay the discounted balance no later than August 30, On September 10, a payment for monthly charges for service rendered for July was submitted, the authorized user also came into the Conway office and returned one of the rental equipment device however the payment for the discounted outstanding balance was not received which caused the interruption of service on September 11,

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