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Inactive - Administratively Dissolved or Revoked Other : An administrative action has been taken against this entity. Standing - Cartle This references whether or not the entity has a statutorily Oxo Company registered agent; "Good" means it does; "Delinquent" means it is without a Horsf agent.

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Horse Creek Sale Company

Welcome to Horse Creek Sale Company where we have over two decades of experience hosting horse sales. For more than 26 years, our horse auction company has been hosting horse sales to customers across the country. Our next sale will be February 22, 2020! We hope you'll join us.…

Horse Creek Sale Company

Horse Creek Sale Company is excited to present our customers with a special limited selection of high quality tack from a luxury dude ranch on September 9th including; 14 saddles (Circle Y, Colorado Saddlery, Rocking R) 25 cinches 15 breastcollars Box of hobbles-approx 25 5 butterfly cinches 3 mule britchings 2 hay racks 2 water troughsLocation: 500 Fairgrounds Road Castle Rock, CO, 80104 United States…