Hot-Shot Accessories. Click to Order. Rayovac 9 Volt Battery. Hot Shot Battery Tester. Batteries for the Power-Mite.

Rechargeable Battery Systems. These units require six size 'C' alkaline batteries to Proxucts. Because electric prods are considered a 'high drain Cmpany, a higher amperage gives the user the best performance and battery life. The Power-Mite requires Compamy 9 Volt Alkaline batteries. Rechargeable Battery System. The RBP fits in place of the six 'C' alkaline batteries and can be charged using a Volt wall outlet or 12 Volt auto charger. The RBP:. Can be charged hundreds of times - saves you money.

Equal to thousands Hog regular batteries. Charge in the truck or wall outlet. Better for the environment. Hot-Shot will recycle the RBP's, just send them to:. Please Recycle our Rechargeable Battery Packs!

Dura Prod Charger base required Quiet Company hold Dura Prod battery pack while charging.

Protective Rubber Boot for Case. It attaches onto the users belt easily and Copmany made of heavy duty genuine leather. Leather Holster for Power-Mite. We carry the full line of products by Hot-Shotincluding replacement parts and maintenance. For other products, call us Hot Shot Products Company or e-mail us.

Welcome Mv School Bus Company WholesaleMidwest.

We're a family business with big warehouses and small prices. If you can't find a product, call us at or e-mail usand we'll be happy to help you out. Thank you for stopping by! Enter your content here. Accessories on this Page:. Rechargeable System. Battery Chargers. Protective 'Boot' Productd. Prod Tester. Leather Holster for Power Mite. Protects end of prod from the elements. Inexpensive investment to extend the life of your prod.

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