The Hotchkiss gun can refer to different products of the Hotchkiss arms company starting in the late 19th century. It usually refers to the 1.

The 1. The gun was introduced as a modern replacement for the Kuwait Drilling Company Interview 2019 twelve-pound mountain howitzer.

The first gun purchased by the U. Over the next twenty years the U. The term "Hotchkiss gun" also Hptchkiss to the Hotchkiss revolving cannon, a rotating barrel weapon invented in by Benjamin B.

Though superficially resembling a Gatling gun the internals are very different, having only one firing pin rather than a firing mechanism for Hotcnkiss barrel. It was designed to be light Hotchkiss Arms Company to travel with cavalryand Arjs an effective range beyond that of rifled small-arms.

Besides the Hotchkiss Arms Company gun version, several other versions of the 37mm Hotchkiss revolving cannon were in existence, notably versions for naval defense against torpedo boats as well as fortress versions firing shrapnel or canister for the defense of moats.

The naval version was adopted by Russia and the United States, amongst others. The field cannon version was accompanied by a horse-drawn ammunition limber, which held rounds plus six loaded magazines, totaling rounds. A 3-pounder 47mm Hotchkiss revolver cannon was also Hotchkiss Arms Company by the US and Russian navies Hotchkiss Arms Company the s.

This had five barrels. Single-shot, revolver cannon, and from Maxim-Nordenfelt 1-pounder cannon weapons were all used Hotchoiss new warships All of these were called quick-firing or, in the US, rapid-firing.

Hotchkiss also produced a range of light naval guns and, in the s, anti-tank guns. When improvements in torpedo range made them obsolete in Hotchkies role, they continued to be used as small-craft armament up to and including World War II. The Hotchkiss 6 pounder was adopted by the British army for the first tanks.

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Multiple Hochkiss firearms. Cape guns Drillings Vierlings. Flieger-Doppelpistole Hotchkiss Arms Company Perosa Amrs submachine gun.

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The Hotchkiss gun can refer to different products of the Hotchkiss arms company starting in the late 19th century. It usually refers to the 1.65-inch (42 mm) light mountain gun; there were also a navy (47 mm) and a 3-inch (76 mm) Hotchkiss guns. The 42 mm gun was intended to be mounted on a...…

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