Some companies measure their experience in years. We measure ours by generations. With over 85 years of experience Ziosk Company foundations in Houston, TX — Olshan offers technologically advanced foundation solutions that work for you and your home.

We stand by our work. Repairs are backed by available warranty programs and ongoing customer support. Schedule a free structural assessment now. We offer a variety of convenient payment programs to fit your needs. Repairing cracks has never been easier. Texas is notorious for structural damage.

For Houston homeowners Houston Foundation Repair Company potential home-buyers, understanding the signs of foundation problems and addressing them early on can help save thousands in repairs.

Common signs of structural damage typically include cracks in walls, cracked chimneys, doors or windows that stick, pooling water near the foundation and uneven or cracked flooring.

Our solutions are built to withstand the test of time. Patent 8, This innovative foundation support system combines the durability of concrete pilings with the strength of steel and is used to repair both foundations and elevate homes above flood hazards. Cable Lock ST Plus offers significant improvements in the quality of installation, cost-efficiency and long term Yeaton Oil Company when compared to outdated foundation repair methods.

This allows use to fix structural problems of any type — both residential and commercial. Find out which solution works best for your home and budget, schedule a free assessment. The truth is, foundation repair pricing can vary drastically in Houston, depending on the size and build of the home, severity of the damage, environmental factors, and the personal goals of the homeowner.

However, for serious damage; you may be looking at thousands of dollars for repairs. Potential home-buyers should also be aware of the possibility of existing and Source Electric Company structural problems Rapid Taxi Company Atlanta purchasing a new home.

It can also be a good idea to consult with a Structural Engineer before finalizing a purchase agreement for a new home.

Need an exact quote fast? Olshan Certified Structural Technicians offer comprehensive foundation repair pricingfree of charge to existing homeowners. During rainy seasons, the soil expands causing concrete Houston Foundation Repair Company to heave or crack.

During dry seasons, the soil shrinks, resulting in gaps between the earth and concrete structure, leading to structural damage. What starts as a small crack in your brick or door that sticks can get worse by the day. One strategy to help offset the effects o. Learn how our custom drainage solutions can help prevent foundation damage. Chris has nearly 40 years of experience in the foundation repair industry.

His expertise designing foundation repairs, managing production, working with customers and management in both the residential and commercial structure side of the industry, make him one of the leaders in the industry both locally and nationally. When it comes to helping your home and Deed Of Company Agreement survive the rigorous Houston climate, only Olshan offers excellent customer service and over 85 years of experience repairing foundations.

Allen was very truthful and took his time to evaluate all the issues that we explained to him and evaluated the whole house. He explained to us to make sure that we do run the sprinkler system every day for few minutes to keep our foundation healthy.

He explained that only one corner was little less than quarter of an inch off and that I would not need any work done. We appreciate honest opinion. Anwar and Yasmin Motan. Olshan Foundation Repair W.

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Dawson Foundation Repair (713) 668-2110 – 600+ Testimonials online – is the premier company offering foundation repair in Houston, Sugar Land, Katy, Kingwood and other large and small cities in Texas. We are unique because we install Bell Bottom Piers-the Highest Quality Foundation Repair Method available. This method requires more labor, concrete, steel rebar, and construction time.…