Interviewing Techniques. Pre-Relationship Check. Romantic Investigation. Spy Equipment. Surveillance Techniques. How to Conduct Background Checks. Locate Assets. Company Investigation. Pre-Screen Employees. Tenant Screening. How to Locate People. Adoption Searches. Missing Persons. Locate Military Personnel. Every business except those owned by overseas interestshas community roots and must conform to local laws and codes. The locale in which the business was organized or is based may be the only source of information about many businesses.

Community-spirited, business-orientated groups like the Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau will likely Investigatf information about the enterprise you are investigating.

If they don't, ask, "why not? Published Articles Broaden your research to include published articles Inveatigate the company and it's principles. Search on-line for articles in industry-specific publications. Research local newspaper articles. Step 2 - Check the Company's Reputation and References Whether you will be doing business with a company or hiring a company, ask for references. Call them.

Ask specific questions, Investitate them up and they will give you a really good sense how happy or dissatisfied they are with your proposed company. Clients and former clients will give you the best picture of a company. Ask for vender references to be included in the companies references. Partners, vendors, creditors, and employees are a valuable sources of information. Business and Professional Licensing Is the business or professional entity licensed?

If you intend to contract for Companj, ask for a business card. Is their license number on the card? The county courthouse has "Doing Business As" DBA applications on file that contain information about the people who filed the application. Verify any required state license with the appropriate licensing entity, CCompany the Secretary of State.

The Secretary of State's Department of Professional Regulation keeps records about licensed professionals and the Accountancy Board reports on those licenses. Corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships are all registered. Their filings are public record. Much information about business Compaby, corporations, and the people involved in these various entities is available from state repositories generally located in or near each state's capital.

It can be easily traced. Start at the local company level; large corporations are a vast storehouse of public information. You want to know if there is any litigation against the company that you are investigating. Have they been sued and Invfstigate records exist of resulting judgments and liens.

An isolated instance or two may not indicate much but a pattern of reoccurring litigation should be taken into serious consideration. Court Records Law Suites, Liens, Judgments, Bankruptcy Filings and Tax Liens These records contain information pertaining to adjudication, assets, liens against business owners and principals. And tax liens. State Records contain UCC filings, information about liens, collateral, litigation, and judgments. Litigation instated by the government such as bankruptcy filings and tax liens are within the Federal Court System.

Criminal Records It is important to conduct a criminal Inveshigate search on all principles. Invesrigate are kept on several levels and each entity and jurisdiction is unique as to access or availability, how the records are indexed, and coverage.

The Federal Prison System has information on those who have committed a federal crime. Important: criminal records are indexed by name and date of birth. This information is often misrepresented by people who are attempting to make it difficult to connect them to a record.

Search databases inputting all variations and aliases. Criminal Databases There is no national government criminal database available to the public. Proprietary criminal databases are assembled and owned by Information Brokers. Records are obtained from a variety of sources. Step 4 - Search for Company and Principles Assets There are three main venues available pertaining to assists of an individual or company.

Do they own any real estate, automobiles or other valuable property? Is the value of that property sufficient to minimize your risk? Property Records Every county assessor's office in the US maintains property records.

Much information can be gleaned from these records, including owners, assessed value of the property and lien holder or lending institution.

Motor Vehicles An individual's and company's vehicles including automobiles, boats and planes are registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles DMV. Lien holders are often listed. Property, equipment and vehicles are Inevstigate up as collateral. Debtor parties and their addresses, secured parties and their addresses, plus the collateral are often included in the filing. Know what liabilities you could face should the company not fulfill its part of a business commitment.

Make sure that a company's Heartland Wood Company status in the industry is up to par. Make sure the company is legitimate, has a solid foundation, has been in business for several years, and is strong. There's a big difference between pulling an individual's and a company's credit report. For instance, an individual's credit report cannot be pulled for How Can I Investigate A Company reason other than as stated in the Fair Credit Reporting Act: You must have a signed release and a permissible purpose.

Business Credit reports are open to any company accessing another company's ability to pay. These records are purchased and distributed by other information brokers 18 Bagel Company well. Corporate credit reports can sometimes be obtained by calling the corporation and requesting their annual report, which is sent out in book form to show their assets and liabilities Summary - Business Dossier Check List A complete business background investigation includes: Business name Business address Telephone numbers Names of business owners Names of key officers, managers, and employees Professional and Business Licenses Litigation, Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgments Criminal Records List of products or Xcc Company Names of suppliers, buyers, and competitors Business Credit Ratings Profit and loss statement Assets Publicly Held National Companies.

The Department of Transportation and the Federal Communications Commission also keeps track of information contained in their respective records repositories.

The Federal Bankruptcy Court and Federal District Courts maintain records about all personal and business How Can I Investigate A Company. Information Providers An astonishing amount of information is available from Information Providers and others who specialize in collecting and distributing data pertaining to businesses.

Corporate Investigations -

A corporate investigation is the thorough investigation of a corporation or business in order to uncover wrongdoing committed by management, employees, or third parties. There are many aspects of corporate investigations and they can vary significantly based on your needs.…