They were the machine gun bullets coming from the ambush when my company got hit. So now the company is asking the FCC to, in effect, reverse itself. Andre-Louis' eyes swept round the company assembled at the supper-table. The Company returned late in the evening to their Head-Quarters, highly pleased with their evening's entertainments.

I myself would have made light of it had I known what was still in store for the Esmeralda and her company. The order was promptly obeyed, and the commander rode forward with the captain of the second company. And no company had she but her foster-sister, How Do You Spell Company an old woman who had been her nurse.

In addition to the idioms beginning with company. Also called ship's company. Central Intelligence Agency. Prepare for the A. Words related to company groupclubcommunityteampartyassociationfirmcorporationbusinessCompaysocietygatheringsetcorpsgangYojringzoohordecortege.

Words nearby company companionablecompanionatecompanionate marriagecompanionshipHwocompanycompany doctorcompany gradecompany mancompany mannerscompany of jesus. Idioms for company keep companyto associate with; be a friend of. Company, band, party, troop refer to a group of people formally or informally Sepll.

Company is the general word and means any group of people: a company of motorists. Band, used especially of a band of musicians, suggests a relatively small group pursuing the same purpose or sharing a common fate: a concert by a band; a band of Iso 9001 Company. How Do You Spell Company, except when used of a political group, usually implies an indefinite and temporary assemblage, as for some common pursuit: a spelunking party.

Troop, used specifically of a body of cavalry, usually implies a number of individuals organized as a unit: a troop of cavalry. Scaramouche Rafael Sabatini. The Crack of Doom Robert Cromie.

In The Saddle Oliver Optic. The Red Romance Book Various. English history a medieval guild. In addition to the idioms beginning with company company man company manners.

How do you spell company

How do you spell company?. It is not comany or even comapany for that matter! n., pl.-nies. A group of persons. See synonyms at band 2. One's companions or associates: moved in fast company; is known by the company she keeps. A guest or guests: had company for the weekend.…

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