Both were new records for the company; Tesla barely achieved its goal to deliver at leastcars for the Compajy. And the company is poised I continued growth. Tesla opened its new factory in China earlier this month, just a year after breaking ground on the new facility.

The electric carmaker plans to build a third major car factory in Germany. Tesla's rising stock price has put Elon Musk within striking distance of winning the first of 12 performance-based stock grants he negotiated in his compensation package. To win options to buy 1 percent of the company's stock, Musk must pass two milestones. The stock's average value must stay above this level for a six-month period. So what explains Tesla's astronomical stock price?

You can never be sure what Wall Street is thinking, but two factors likely contribute to investor bullishness about Tesla. One is growth. The global car market overall is pretty saturated, but many experts expect electric vehicles to be a growth market over the next decade. Governments around the world have created incentives for people to buy electric vehicles.

Meanwhile, battery costs Quentin Tarantino Film Production Company been falling rapidly over the last decade and are expected to continue falling in the s.

That should mean falling How Much Is Tesla Company Worth car prices, which should expand the market for electric vehicles in the coming years. If Tesla can maintain its share of the electric vehicle market as the overall electric car market grows, Tesla could wind up being one of the world's leading automakers.

Right Wortg, Tesla is not an especially profitable company. But things could improve dramatically over time. Declining battery prices will improve Tesla's margins. As a young and inexperienced carmaker, Tesla may have greater room to improve the efficiency How Much Is Tesla Company Worth its manufacturing.

At the same time, Tesla has something no other How Much Is Tesla Company Worth can match: a loyal, enthusiastic, and growing customer base. I'm not the first person to compare Tesla to Apple, but I think the comparison makes sense. Apple only has 15 to 20 percent of the global smartphone market, well below Google's Android.

But the distinctiveness of the iPhone platform How Much Is Tesla Company Worth with the loyalty of the Apple customer base means that Apple can charge a premium for the iPhone. As a result, Apple's share of smartphone industry profits is much larger than its share of unit shipments or revenue.

We don't know what the electric car marketplace will look like a decade from now. But it's not hard to imagine that marketplace evolving in a similar direction, with Tesla becoming the Apple of transportation. People will Hauser Company willing to pay a few thousand dollars extra for the prestige and unique features of a Comoany as they're willing to pay a few hundred extra dollars for an iPhone.

And in the ruthlessly competitive car industry, even a small difference in price can translate into a big difference in profits. You must login or create an account to comment. Further Reading How Tesla proved the haters wrong. Timothy B. Lee Timothy is a senior reporter covering tech policy, blockchain technologies and the future of transportation. He lives in Washington DC. Email Tsla. Channel How Much Is Tesla Company Worth Technica.

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