P laying piano and accompanying your own singing can be so very enjoyable, so relaxing. It's fun, too. But have you ever felt awkwardconfusedor even clumsy while doing so? Do you feel that your own accompaniment on the piano does not sound, well, very interesting? I know of many who have experienced the frustration of being an accompanist when using a music book.

There are times when piano players do not know what to play while the singer is singing his melody. Should they play the melody exactly as it is written or should they play something else? When accompanying a singer, you do not want to play the melody as it is being sung. Doubling the melody Fan Company doesn't work.

Not only are you stealing the singer's thunder, but also you are making the music less interesting. So, if you are not playing the melody, how are you, as accompanist, to actually enhance the melody, complement the singer, and create beautiful music, all at the same time?

What are you to play? Some piano accompanists kind of just "know" which buttons to push when they accompany someone else. Yet many others really have no clue how to make accompaniment come alive on the piano.

In fact, you can't even find a piano teacher who actually teaches how to accompany effectively. Well, now I want to share some important information with you. Throughout the years, I have found many techniques or shortcuts that have made my own accompaniment sound beautiful and exciting. I decided to put all this information and valuable tips into a step-by-step system that will literally help people like you, change the way they play. And here it is.

The piano course contains valuable information based on years of learning from my own experience as an accompanist. This is an excellent course that shows the student how to read a lead sheet using various accompaniments with both hands. It is a great course for all piano students that can only sight read music. Learning to improvise using left hand and right hand chords really improved my piano playing.

Chordal styles - How to break down chords and combine chordal notes to make the accompaniment interesting. Rhythmic patterns - By altering the rhythms of accompaniment, one can introduce a variety of musical styles such as blues, ballad, gospel, etc. The following songs are featured, demonstrating the usage of various accompaniment techniques.

Sheet music will be provided. Beautiful Dreamer - With this song, you will learn four different ways to accompany a singer. Watch our short video clip and see the highlights of the accompaniment. America the Beautiful - You will learn how to use 2 -1 broken chords and 9 th chords to accompany the songs. These techniques are the gold standard for the accompaniment professional. Jingle Bells - Here's a lively song to be used with fast rhythmic patterns.

Your hands will be How To Accompany On Piano experimenting with different rhythmic styles. Go Tell It on the Mountain - Have you ever tried to use the piano as a drum? We'll show you how to apply Latin and percussion rhythms. Once you start applying these techniques, you will want to use them over and over again.

Amazing Grace - Learn how to accompany singing that is in an uneven and unexpected rhythm. Some singers tend to drag their melody and not follow consistent rhythm. This accompanying style is the exact method you want to use when you and the singer are not in sync. Home on the Range - Master the lovely western country style and "twang" right hand method with this song.

Your singer and audience will admire you for this. Learn and master this accompaniment technique and you will be How To Accompany On Piano to play at every birthday celebration. We will show you how to accompany using the composite melody and also how to make up your own accompaniment patterns. A must learn for the serious accompanist. She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain - This is the perfect song for accompanying in a lively, bluesy style. We will show you how to master a "rock" rhythm with this song and how to add in your own bluesy notes.

How to Accompany "On the Spot" - Do you know how to accompany somebody if you have never heard the music before? It really can be done. Our video will show you how to predict what chords should be used merely by listening to the How To Accompany On Piano.

We will show you eight additional patterns. This is for your treasure box of accompaniment Nairobi Water Company Charges Per Unit. Play these patterns often and expand your skills. Navigate through 3 DVDs and 3 hours of instructions and tips. The DVDs are professionally edited and can be played in any region. You may be wondering how much a valuable course like this would cost if you actually attended lessons.

What makes How To Accompany On Piano home study course unique is that all the materials are practical and successfully tested. You can review the materials as often as you want; you can go back and re-do any lesson you want, at any time, in the comfort of your own home! Sounds like it will be very expensive, doesn't it? A perfect course for someone such as myself who wants to accompany themselves while singing. I know of nothing else like it. Think about what you are getting for this nominal price.

Practically for free! The resources alone are worth the price of the course and will save you a bundle as you build up your piano treasure chest. You will also be getting a digital download How To Accompany On Piano of the following lead sheets so How To Accompany On Piano you can sing and accompany yourself with much enjoyment:.

The reason you need to get your copy of this course today is simply this: Without this vital knowledge, you'll truly losing out on accompanying on the piano. If you want to take your piano playing to the next level and improve your piano accompaniment skills, order now. Claim Your Course Now! Imagine, in a few months, you will be accompanying your own singing while your friends and family are spending the old time favorite songs with you.

How can you lose money? In fact, youve got nothing to lose except for missing out on how to accompany on the piano. Ive got you covered with my refund guarantee, so if it doesnt work out, you get a refund. This course did not only improve the dexterity of my hands. It also widened the scope of my concentration and my imagination. It is indeed amazing! I Ascension Company my money's worth.

You Are Not Alone! The Secrets to Making Piano Accompaniment Sound Professional When accompanying a singer, you do not want to play the melody as it is being sung.

The piano course consists of: 3 DVDs 60 minutes each One handbook 80 pages It features the piano accompaniment techniques commonly used by professionals, Best Plumbing Company Near Me : a. Chordal styles - How to break down chords and combine chordal notes to make the accompaniment interesting b.

The piano lessons are suitable for intermediate to advanced piano players. Peter Pramley, Cairns North, Australia. Rocky Avile, Pennsylvania.

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The ability to successfully accompany a singer or instrumentalist on a piano largely depends on your personal experience and musical education. To create successful piano accompaniments, the pianist must have a knowledge of chords and improvisation. If you're new to accompanying performers on a piano, there are some tricks that can be learned.…

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