Forming a company is a simple enough process and one you can complete in just a couple of hours. The law differs depending on whether your company is solvent or insolvent. If your company has debts or is insolvent, you should speak to an insolvency practitioner who will likely recommend you a creditors voluntary liquidation, as the appropriate method.

For solvent companies with assets who want to close a company in a tax efficient manner, a members voluntary liquidation is the right choice. If you choose to Comcast Telecommunications Company also known as winding up your limited companyyou must apply to Companies How To Cease A Company to have it voluntarily wound-up and struck off the register.

You can only have your company struck off the Companies Registrar Best Company Blogs. If you satisfy these conditions, you will be provided with a DS01 form to complete.

You will also have to fulfil a number of obligations. Submit these to HMRC, along with a request to close the corporation tax account.

This is appropriate if you want to:. If the company is dormant or never trade, closing the company should be straightforward. Once the directors have agreed, submit the application for Strike Off using form DS As long as the director has not behaved improperly, the closure will have no impact on any future business activities.

Assuming the company has no debts and no assets to dispose of, you will just have the administrative costs to deal with. Both solvent and insolvent liquidations require the services of an insolvency practitioner such as ourselves, who usually charge for their time. The answer How To Cease A Company that you can start another one providing all the requirements of companies house are adhered to. What HMRC is keen to prevent, however, is the process known as phoenixing, whereby a liquidated company rises from the ashes with the same or similar name, but within a new limited company structure.

This is prohibited by Section of the Insolvency Act. To get the shareholders agreement to cease trading and liquidate the company you must call a shareholders meeting and ask them to vote. If 75 percent by value of shares agree, you must then:. Creditors must be given at least 7 days notice of the meeting, which must also be advertised in the Gazette.

A summary should also be given to the liquidator. When all assets have been converted into cash and creditors repaid in order of prioritythe company will be struck off three months after the liquidator has held a final meeting.

If you attempt to strike off your company with outstanding debts to HMRC or another creditor, they How To Cease A Company likely raise an Objection to Company Strike Off. This is a How To Cease A Company objection which tells you that you are forbidden from closing the company until your debt is settled. If you are unable to settle your tax arrears, there is the possibility that they will compulsorily liquidate your company. If HMRC is the creditor, they will often do so not because the sums of money are meaningful to them, so much as to make an example.

If your company is unable to pay its bills or reach an agreement with its creditors, they can choose to make an application to the court for a winding-up petition to bring the company to a close. Assuming the company is simply being struck off the register at Companies House, expect a time frame of around 3 months before you receive confirmation.

Does Your Company have debts? Speak to an expert now on or use the live chat during working hours. The first consultation is always free. We can put the provisions in place to help you wind up your business seamlessly, or act quickly to help you avoid a compulsory liquidation. What are Phoenix Companies and are they Legal? Can a Liquidated Company Name be Reused? Recent News. This website uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies Agree.

Cease - definition of cease by The Free Dictionary

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Ceased - definition of ceased by The Free Dictionary

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