Drop Business China a quick message to let us know How To Check China Company Registration your incorporation needs. Sitemap Privacy Policy. Life in China Ask Business China. Zero risk for Registation. Request a Proposal. Documentation and legal requirement Hoe each province and industrial area may differ according to the nature of your business.

Therefore, hire a local business consultancy firm to assist in the registration process. Usually foreign-owned companies are required to provide the following documents during the registration Sandvik Coromant Company. Completed registration application form for companies setting up within China 2.

Companies that How To Check China Company Registration expanding their branches in China need to fill-out an application to join the group of companies 3. A legal person certificate that allows you to be a member of the new company 5. Once you have approached the AIC, they will issue Chjna digit registration number on your business license. These digits can reveal a lot about your company and business. Here is a complete breakdown of your China Business Registration Number. Registering Authority The first 6 digit of identify the code of the authority that issued your business a digit code.

This number can also be used to determine the location of the registration. Domestic companies will have a sequencing number from Foreign-invested companies have a sequencing number starting with 4 or 5. And companies that have registered individually have a registration number starting from Sequencing numbers provide a unique identity to your business, although, businesses in different jurisdiction can have the same 8-digit number. In such cases, the registration number of the business will be differentiated with the first 6-digits of the registering authority and the final check digit.

The Check Digit The check-digit plays a crucial role in determining the legitimacy of the China Business Registration number. When the final digit is processed, it can spot discrepancies, typos, and repetition in the registration number provided by your local AIC.

But be very careful when dealing with scammers and fraudulent business companies offering registration How To Check China Company Registration without the necessary paperwork or processing. The check digit will not reveal anything, if a scammer simply copies the exact registration code.

Using the right formula, anyone can calculate a check-digit for your company. Therefore, be very careful when Armal Portable Toilet Company consultants to help you out in the process. How To Check China Company Registration Important Feature Of Your China Business Registration Number Chrck digit registration number provided to your company also holds various special features, for example: - These numbers are How To Check China Company Registration on a national level.

The new registration number allotted by the authority will include the new code. Request a Proposal Drop Business China a quick message to let us know about your incorporation needs.

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China Company registration lookup. A company registration number is exclusive to your business and consists of 8 characters: 2 letters and 6 numbers. This number is used to identify your company and verify its legal presence in an incorporated entity. Corporation China will provide you with a CRN while the company is being registered.…

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