You've no doubt heard stories about people who lost money or received subpar goods and services from a business. Checking out a company to find complaints is easier than ever, thanks Hoa the Better Business Bureau, trade associations, social media and simple internet searches. The BBB receives nearly one million consumer complaints every year and tries to help consumers Vintage Lighting Company resolutions with businesses.

Small or new businesses may not have a relationship with the organization. Complaints are only posted for up to three years, and Reputatiom BBB has strict rules about how complaints can be filed; anonymous reviews or complaints are not allowed, for example. Review How To Check Company Reputation company's response to learn about the resolution, if there was one, as many companies take complaints seriously and go to great lengths to make things right.

Social media has made it easy to find out what others think of businesses, both positive and negative. A simple search of a company's name will likely reveal a wealth of Reputqtion and insights, Tp positive and negative. Users of Facebook, Twitter Conpany LinkedIn are also usually not shy about sharing their opinions and complaints, both on their own feeds and on company pages. On Twitter, search for the company name and review the tweets from previous customers.

On any social site, you should not only be looking at what customers are saying but also how the business responds, as that can be the real indicator of customer service skills.

Other places to research complaints How To Check Company Reputation businesses are licensing bureaus and Nov Oil And Gas Company and trade associations.

Many trade and industry associations maintain directories of businesses and set strict standards for membership. You might not be able to find specific complaints, but if a business is not accredited by a reputable association, this could be a red flag.

State licensing agencies also maintain records of complaints and disciplinary actions against licensed businesses. You can search for licenses on state websites and determine whether a company has a current license and has been the subject of any disciplinary actions. When looking at complaints about a company, remain objective and don't let a single review or complaint cloud your judgment. A better strategy is to look for themes or common issues in the complaints. Discern whether the complaints address the same or similar topics and if many customers had similar experiences.

Look How To Check Company Reputation at the company response: Does it address the issue, get defensive, make excuses or ignore the problems? Keeping an open mind helps you sort through the complaints that were made simply to complain. A small business owner herself, she holds a bachelor's degree in communication from Stonehill College, as well as a master's in creative writing, and a certificate in internet marketing and new media from the University of Denver. She's also the author of Graduate!

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