LinkedIn enables businesses to create a profile page How To Close Linkedin Company Page share product, service and job opportunity information. Changes at your company may make your LinkedIn profile obsolete, and you may choose to delete the company profile instead of editing the page to update the profile.

You can only remove a company profile if five or fewer employees are associated with the company. Log in to your LinkedIn account and navigate to the company page. Note of the number of employees who have associated their profile with your company. You need to include the full name of the person, the URL of the person's LinkedIn profile, and a reason why you want the name removed.

The company page is removed once LinkedIn reviews and approves your request. Video How To Close Linkedin Company Page the Day. How to Create an Organization Profile on Facebook. Share on Facebook. Step 1 Log in to your LinkedIn account and navigate General Accident Insurance Company Address the company page. Tip You can make edits to your current company page, such as the name of the company, instead of deleting the page and starting a new company page.

To make edits, navigate to the company page, click "Edit," make your changes, and click "Publish.

LinkedIn Company Pages: How to Create, Edit, and Delete Them

May 11, 2017 · How to delete a company page on LinkedIn. You can only delete a company page on LinkedIn if you are the page's administrator, and your company has less than 10 employees. Even then, you cannot unilaterally delete a company page on LinkedIn, since such a decision affects more than just you; you must contact LinkedIn customer service.…

10 Tips To Successfully Manage Your Company Page On LinkedIn

Jul 11, 2019 · See how to manage a company page on LinkedIn with the new features here. ... One of the most compelling reasons to do business with one person over another is how close they are. But that’s not the only reason to include your company’s locations in your LinkedIn Page. It can also help you show up for more searches on LinkedIn, and it can ...…