Starting a pharmaceutical company is one of the best options to start a business. A pharmaceutical company could be either involves in one or all types i.

Pharmaceutical sector is regulated in every country. For conducting any type of business in pharmaceutical industry, we will require to obtain a license from drug office which is known as drug license. In case of pharmaceutical company, we will also require to take a drug license. For starting pharmaceutical manufacturing company, we will require Drug Manufacturing License from state The Red Room Company control authority.

For marketing, trading, distribution, we will require having a Wholesale drug license number. For retail shop and pharmacy, we will require having a Retail Drug License Number. In this article will provide you complete insight about how to start a pharmaceutical company in India. Before preceding to set-up a How To Establish A Pharmaceutical Company company whether manufacturing or marketing, we will recommend having prior experience in pharmaceutical industry or at least you should have basic fundamentals Best Car Rental Company St Lucia of pharmaceutical field.

Which type of experience you have, will decide which type of pharmaceutical company you should start. If you have experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing field then your best choice will be to set-up a manufacturing plant but if you have sales and marketing experience in pharma sector then we will recommend you to start with marketing company.

In case of research and drug development experience, you can choose to start pharmacy company related to your field. We have discussed about pharmaceutical manufacturing unit set-up in one of our article. Check out manufacturing company set-up details here.

In this article, we will First Washing Machine Company about how to start a pharmaceutical marketing, trading and distribution company. Only minor requirement could vary state to state. You should first visit at your district Drug Inspector office to confirm about starting pharmaceutical marketing company.

Experience: Either you or one of your partner should have experience in pharmaceutical sector especially in sales and marketing along with basic business fundaments knowledge etc. Project Report: Project report includes summary, facts, target vs actual accomplishments, analysis, action to be taken, risk and issued, resources, budget, schedule etc.

Territory Knowledge: You should have good knowledge of territory in which you want to start business. Number of doctors present, your core proposed customers, distributors, retailers, hospitals, pharmacies etc available in that territory.

Financial Resources: Establishing a business require time and effort. You should adequate finance to start, operate and run Xfinity Phone Company till it starts to earn enough profit to pay own and your expenses.

Financial resources may include a loan, own saving, mortgage, part time income source etc. Along with applying for above registrations, you can move upward with following steps. Following work, you should finished before issuing registration certificates, so you can save your time and you can meet with your deadlines. Now you have products with your own brand names and your company name.

Have a quick look at documents required for particular registration and licenses:. A Competent person to be authorised to conduct all operation of pharmaceutical marketing company should possess either one from following:. Following registrations and licenses, you will require to set-up your own pharmaceutical company at marketing, trading and distribution basis.

Wholesale Drug License is the licence to sell stock or exhibit or offer for sale, or distribute by wholesale means. It also covers distribution, trading also. Some companies receive stock and invoice at any other pharmaceutical wholesale firm. This could be one another way to skip wholesale drug license but authenticity of doing business by this mean in not confirmed whether legal or not but being conducted by many pharmaceutical companies.

List of these licenses are as follow:. In both cases, either you have above 40 lakhs turnover or have stockist or distributors in other states to whom you have to supply then you have to apply for Goods and Service Tax number.

But we will recommend having both Wholesale Drug License number and Goods and Service Tax Number by name of your pharmaceutical company. Licensing authority for wholesale drug license is District Drug Control Officer or any other officer appointed by state drug control authority.

Company Registration or Firm Registration is not as important as above mentioned requirements. You can skip these both easily if you have a proprietorship business. You can just take wholesale drug license and gst number, and start you pharmaceutical marketing business. This helps and prevents any future dispute and claim if occur.

Trademark Registration is not compulsory but an essential aspect to prevent use of your intellectual property i. You should apply for trademark registration for at least your company name and major brand names. FSSAI registration or license will be required to obtain if you are also dealing in food and dietary supplement products along with pharmaceutical products.

Some of commonly used food supplements by pharmaceutical company are lycopene products, omega 3 fatty acid, calcium supplements, vitamin preparation, enzymatic products etc. District Drug Control office would provide you full details of requirement for a whole sale drug license. Few we are describing here. Procedure and details for applying for D. After submission of documents, inspection will be carried out by local drug authority for accuracy and Niser Polymer Floor Company of detail submitted with the application form.

Drug authority reserves the right to approve or reject your application if not satisfy with application. After issuing of drug license number for sale of drugs for which you have applied will be granted.

But if you want to reduce burden for applying GST number by yourself you can apply through any sale tax accountant or chartered accountant. For registering a pharma company under Company Act, applying through a chartered accountant is good way. Follow documents will be require for company registration:. Capital investment includes rent and bills, staff salary and daily expenses, bank loan instalments, promotional and marketing expenditure and others. Check in detail about investment required is here.

There are many marketing and promotional ways you can establish your pharmaceutical company. But you need to decide which type of marketing you want to do and establish your marketing strategy effectively. Check out: How to build brand and boost pharma sale? Getting Manufactured own brand name products from pharmaceutical manufacturer is an integral part of pharmaceutical marketing company. For manufacturing of own brands from manufacturer, we can choose from either of third party manufacturing, contract manufacturing or loan licensing.

Third party manufacturing and contract manufacturing is easiest and simple way, and similar in many aspect where as loan licensing is somewhat difficult and requires lot of formalities. Third Party manufacturing is a way to get manufactured own medicines brand products from pharma manufacturer at specification available at manufacturer where as in contract manufacturing, marketing company get manufactured products at customized terms and specifications.

Batch number, mfg date, exp date etc will be shown by manufacturing company. In case of loan licensing, pharma manufacturing company provides Harrison Furniture Company own manufacturing facility to pharma marketing company to conduct manufacturing of own products. For this manufacturing company has to apply at state drug licensing authority for granting a loan license to marketing company at its premises.

Batch number, mfg date, exp date etc is also the responsibility of marketing company. Check in detail about difference between third party manufacturing, contract manufacturing and loan licensing. Along with pharmaceutical company, there are other business opportunities also available in healthcare and pharmaceutical sector. Have a quick look at other business opportunities:. Please send your e-mail ID, we will send you detail soon or mail us at pharmafranchiseehelp gmail.

Sir is it possible that I can put my company name on the readymade purchased products from a manufacturing company. You can't do this. It's a crime. You could be prosecuted in counterfeit and fake drugs act. Am looking to start. Plz info me. I'm in delhi. Please guide me to start a pharma trading company in Bihar. Registration process you can check by click at Trade mark or private limited company link available at above article. If you are interested we can provide you third party manufacturing facility through our known manufacturers.

I am planning to start manufacturing company in blore. Are there any gmp consultants who can help us setting up the industry. We can't help you regarding narcotic manufacturing. We don't have any knowledge regarding this.

Initial step that is to be taken by you Malomatia Company to complete research about how you can start pharma manufacturing business, premises where you want to set-up plant, machinery required, which section you want to set-up like tablet, capsule, lactum, beta-lactum, syrup etc.

After finalizing all thing, you should meet to local drug controller office regarding all formalities and procedure. They will instruct you all details. Send your mail at pharmafranchiseehelp gmail. Hi, I have experience of medical representative and at managerial level in pharma companies. I am planning to launch pharma company. Please reply and guide. I have a retail drug license to start my own brands manufacturing I have to apply only wholesale license or a New drug wholesale, How To Establish A Pharmaceutical Company.

You have to apply for whole sale drug license for manufacturing of your own brands. You can apply new or add wholesale in your retail license.

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