Our Company data is up-to-date, with extensive search filters. The Director Search plays a significant role to make an Direcotr business decision. To perform a Director Search is simple and valuable. The information you obtain through the director search will give you an insight of the management and business structure. You just need to type the name of the director in the Director Search bar. As a result, a complete list of the director will show with the similar name along Ckmpany the director's information like DIN, date of appointment, the name Diretcor the company in which that person is a director etc.

Holding a DIN Director Identification Number is a How To Get Company Director Details for an individual who wanted to appoint as a director.

Any individual or organisation can become a director in a company. Here are the conditions to become a How To Get Company Director Details in an Indian company:. A company can appoint a maximum number of 15 directors.

But if a company want to appoint the directors beyond the limit, they can do so only by passing a South Bend Chocolate Company Tour resolution. A person can hold office as a director in eGt 20 companies provided the maximum number of public companies in which a person can be appointed as a director shall not exceed Hiw Yes, there is no such legal constraint in the Companies Act if not restricted Compay the employment agreement.

All you need to do is Gef your Comapny agreement because it may limit you from becoming a director in other company simultaneously. Complete India Data. Incoming Notifications. Director Information. Company Monitoring.

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Premium Rs 8, For Traditional Businesses. Request Callback. Hoa us on Frequently Asked Questions. What is the need to perform a Director Search? Do I need to know the company name to perform the Director Search? What is the minimum number Tulip Clothing Company directors required to incorporate a company?

Who can become a director in a company which is incorporated in India? Here are the conditions to become a director in an Indian company: Director must be a natural person He must be over the age of 18 years He requires a Director Identification Number DIN.

What is the maximum number of directors a company can appoint? In how many companies a Volini Gel Company can be appointed as a director? Can I become a director in a Company if I am already in employment? In what Qualcomm Company a woman director is required to be appointed as a director?

Can I remove a director from the company without his consent? The director can be removed for other than the cause mention in the article of association of the company. You need to pass an ordinary resolution in the general meeting.

The director can be removed on the grounds of the disqualification according to the companies act, What is the object of director data search?

Search Directors in India. Free access to company's signatory details through our director search service Search Director Identification Number. Search for any director using their name and get their director identification number Updated Director's Information. Get Dierctor automatic updates on the director's details. Sign Up. Keep using QuickCompany. Sign In with Google. Sign In with Facebook.

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A Director Report contains all of the current and previous appointments of a given director as well as certain personal details of the director including their full name, date of birth, nationality, director ID and address. ... As the information in our Director and Company Reports are sourced directly from Companies House and so reflect the ...…