By clicking the button above, you consent to receiving calls and emails from RingCentral. Calls may be connected using automated How To Get Company Phone Numbers. Having a dedicated number for your company and its branches also adds to your credibility as an organization. Conventional landlines, however, have limitations. Having an on-premise PBX could help, but it would require you to set up on-site hardware that will cost you thousands up front.

Fortunately, RingCentral offers affordable business numbers that are supported by one of the best virtual phone systems in the industry.

Instead of conventional landlines, your company gets a virtual phone number that is not tethered to physical lines. They can simply use the RingCentral mobile app and use their company number. Access features and functionalities designed to help your business and your workforce communicate better.

Make and receive calls, SMS, and fax using your business number on any internet-connected device from any location. No need to use your personal number. No need for complicated installations. Have your phone service up and running in a day. Easily configure and manage your phone system from an online dashboard. RingCentral provides your business peace of mind knowing that all your communications are protected during the entire transmission journey.

Data travels through encrypted How To Get Company Phone Numbers with layers of authentication for additional security. From day one, RingCentral will assist you in setting up and configuring your phone system. Our award-winning customer support team will provide you with expert technical support, consultations, and best-practice recommendations. Get a single, all-inclusive bill with no Little House Company Estate Agents costs.

RingCentral provides your business with a powerful cloud communications system for one affordable price. No additional fees for premium features. Small Business Hero This is the best phone system for up and coming businesses. Great support. Quick resolution. Very helpful on how they solved the problem. Very satisfied with the support chat.

Thank you! RingCentral has been very good for us. We made an easy transition to IP phones thanks to the sales and support staff. Getting a phone number for your organization is pretty straightforward with RingCentral. As you sign up for any RingCentral plan, you will be asked to indicate the type of number you need toll-free or local and you will be presented with the available numbers.

You can then go to Phone Numbers, then choose the Add Number option. From there, you can choose from the available numbers. You can assign it as a company number or to an individual through their extension. If you happen to be happy with your current number but want a better business phone system, you also have the option to keep it when you make the shift to RingCentral. Just sign up for a plan and someone from RingCentral will help you port your number. Each organization is unique.

The needs of one company is usually different from the needs of another company. The same thing applies to business numbers. There are different types of numbers for businesses, and RingCentral can provide you with each one. Here are your choices:. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that RingCentral has got you covered. Your voice and other data transmissions are encrypted from end to end, ensuring they are safe from breaches.

You and your users can also access these virtual phone numbers from anywhere through the RingCentral mobile app, which you can install in cell phones and other mobile devices. With the limitations of a conventional landline and the expenses of setting up an on-premise system, companies can look to the cloud for a better solution.

RingCentral provides organizations with business numbers that are supported by an industry-leading cloud communications service. In addition to this, RingCentral phone numbers are not exclusively for making and receiving calls. Your company and its users can also use it to send and receive faxes as well as business SMS. You and your employees can even use these numbers to host or join conference calls or O N Investment Management Company meetings.

With all these features, there is no reason for you to choose a regular number. Choose the business phone number with the best communications solution. Not Your Ordinary Business Phone Numbers Telephone numbers that come with the best cloud-hosted communications solution. Thank you. Why get a virtual phone number for business?

Regular landlines Expensive on-site Stephen Edwards Company paid up-front Complex implementations mean additional fees Early termination fees for required contracts Service and hardware upgrades come at a price Premium technical support calls for additional fees Maintenance requires specialized manpower Service changes require lengthy processes.

Why customers choose RingCentral. Brian Unger Birdeye. Mike M. Free trial Free trial. Choosing the Right business telephone number Each organization is unique. Here are your choices: Toll-free numbers — If your Invision Company is looking to establish a national presence across multiple states or even the whole country, then RingCentral toll-free numbers are the right option for your business.

Local phone numbers — If your company, however, is looking to make your presence known in a specific region or locale, RingCentral also offers local phone numbers from over area codes across the US. You can operate in New York and have a Los Angeles number. IInternational phone numbers — RingCentral also gives you the option to get international phone numbers if you are looking to establish a virtual presence in a different country.

It will serve as a caller ID for your company in that country, even if you have no physical office there. You can choose numbers for over 75 countries. For an extra fee, you can create a vanity phone number to represent your organization.

The Best RingCentral Features You Can Have with Your Business Phone Number With the limitations of a conventional landline and the expenses of setting up an on-premise system, companies can look to the cloud for a better solution. This feature can be customized; you can even hire professional voice artists to give your callers the best first impression you can make on them.

Answering Rules — Customize how your company answers incoming phone calls. If you want, you can set operating hours where all calls during your shift will be answered and routed, while calls that fall outside those hours can go straight to voicemail.

Hold Music or Messages — Hold times can be annoying, but hold music can at least reduce the stress of waiting for the agent to respond with the information the caller needed. It can also be an opportunity. Instead of music, you can broadcast messages like new promos or new policies while the caller is on hold. On-hold music or messages are totally customizable in cloud telephony.

Employees can even customize how calls are forwarded to different numbers. Calls forwarded can be sent to different numbers chronologically, simultaneously, or a mix of both. Call screening — Your employees have complete control over who can reach How To Get Company Phone Numbers. They can accept calls, ask callers to identify themselves, or outright block specific numbers or unwanted callers. Users can even send calls directly to voicemail. Click to speak with sales.

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