It's a fact that the pace of change is so fast that mergers and acquisitions are on the rise as one of the best Improvd of achieving strategic growth. Check out 6 steps to grow your business from within. In our sluggish economy, a multitude of mergers and acquisitions not withstanding, the capacity for a business to grow rests in the hands of its people.

CEOs throughout the world are driving to improving organizational performance regardless of size or industry. Much has been written and studied on this subject, and we find in the New Company Moving To Denver of surveys and books as well as in our own experience that there are 6 steps that, executed effectively, drive performance improvement and growth Compan.

By now the Gallup survey is familiar to all of us and efforts to better understand and Hwo build engagement are under way in Perfomrance companies. Following are examples of key actions to enable your people to engage: to feel passion about the work they do, deliver their best performance and to strengthen their commitment.

Communicate clearly in simple language, creatively, interactively, daily about Coompany business subjects, such as:. Look for indicators of misalignment such as:. To Tp meaning, the metrics people focus on need to be understood by them to be within their influence. Many Imporve have a workforce that is approaching or past traditional retirement age. Do you have training in place to enable people to perform essential work as employees leave or retire?

Does your training effort prepare the organization with skills for the future? Authors and experts acknowledge three types of value propositions or competitive differentiation strategies in business. The rule of thumb is still to do a good job on all but to choose one single area where your company can and does excel.

The three types are:. These six steps require ongoing effort to sustain. How To Improve Your Company Performance this with your experience — How To Improve Your Company Performance do these actions measure up in producing performance improvement? How do these steps relate to the activities under way in your organization to build performance? Please share your opinions and thoughts. By Rosanna NadeauCompany Policy On Disabled Employees. Engage Your People.

Build a strong understanding of your business strategy throughout your workforce. Ensure everyone can answer the following questions: 1 Why do customers buy from us?

Build trust. Employees need to know that their managers and executives care about them as people as well as being committed to their success. Make certain each employee is using his preferred skills and has an effective degree of autonomy. Leverage high-impact leadership practices. Communicate clearly in simple language, creatively, interactively, daily about core business subjects, such as: Departmental and organization performance targets, progress, obstacles and solutions Stories about competitors and customer successes i.

Look for indicators of misalignment such as: Do people need to work around policies and work procedures to get things done? Do your policies and work procedures Imorove people to get the right things done quickly? How are relationships between functions, i.

Are conflicts and frustrations routine? Align Your Metrics. Your metrics can provide great value when they serve as a guide to decision making and prioritizing work.

Non-financial metrics that relate directly to your competitive differentiation can help keep everyone aligned in a similar strategic direction. Use Training HHow Development Strategically. Develop a workforce plan to ensure hiring is done in time to develop people.

All employees should receive training Perforjance is current-day and future-focused. Develop career-paths for people to progress to roles that will be needed in the future. Know your people and what their Perfromance are for the future. Support them in channeling their paths to the future within Yor company. Leading Edge — providing new, innovative products and services based on the latest technologies and Ti.

This depends on having a strong research function with frequent introductions of Youf and improved products and services that are both different and effectively meet customer needs. Enter your email address below. Google's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Rosanna Nadeau. See Rosanna Nadeau's Profile. We are problem-solvers. We assist clients in optimizing organization performance, using specialized tools and internal research to build a framework for improving operating effectiveness, efficiency and profitability.

We work closely with each client, assessing needs and tailoring services to fit individual organization needs. Our related specialties include leadership and management development, employee development, and Pervormance resources management services such as recruiting, employee relations, compliance and safety.

My base of experience provides an uncommon perspective and approach to building organization performance, one that is people-centered, data focused and Commpany tailored to make a difference for each client. Like the article? Join our community Already a member? Sign in.

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