The way contractors prepare and react to differing economic environments determines whether they thrive or fail. To prosper, contractors must be proactive and take control of critical business issues. Use this top 10 list of business management tips to improve your business for a successful year. Take a hard look at the current state of your business. How would you respond to these important questions? Randall Turner is the founder of Turner Financial Consultants, a sales and financial training firm for construction companies across America and Canada.

He is also an author, seminar speaker and former construction company CFO, salesman and construction company president. Subscribe Now and Get: Industry knowledge to help you run your business Expert insights into important topics in the field Tips for improving key aspects How To Manage A Construction Company your business. Top 12 Construction Business Management Tips. Sunday, Calix Company 1st, Change your attitude.

If you think this will Constructioj a good year for business, then it will be. But if you think it will be a bad year, then it will be bad. How To Manage A Construction Company, neither does bathing—that's why we recommend it daily. As the leader of your business, your attitude and beliefs will filter Consttuction your company. If you always have a positive attitude, your company will reflect this, and success will be much easier to achieve.

Hire good salespeople. I once went on a sales call with a salesman who obviously did not know all the steps in the sales process. He made a great presentation, but he failed to ask open or closed questions in a systematic manner. Even worse, he answered a probing question that I had directed to the prospect—instead of allowing the prospect to answer. And then he failed to ask for the sale. Does your sales staff make the same mistakes?

Train your sales staff on prospecting. Many salespeople have a fear of the phone, rejection and those in authority. Teach your staff how to get referrals to keep them Constructiln chasing cold calls. Teach all staff good customer service.

A sale starts when anyone enters your establishment. Market your company aggressively. Become the king of marketing in your area, and quickly stand out from your competitors.

Increase your cash flow. Teach your sales and estimating staff that not all sales are good sales. Control overhead. Identify what can be reduced and what can be eliminated to improve cash flow. Scrutinize every expense including additional offices, gas cards, trucks, travel expenses, cell phones, service contracts, insurance policies, etc.

Improve job costing. If overhead is a billable expense, have someone accurately quantify and document the Managr that qualify as reimbursable according to the contract. The business owner cannot be the master of How To Manage A Construction Company when to get help. Increase worker productivity.

Morale is a lost science in America. Always praise in Compnay, and criticize in private. Think about what you can do to improve productivity, which will increase profitability in return.

This delay in collecting can cause companies to use their line of credit and pay for the privilege. Instead of being able to bank the money and earn Ti, many companies borrow extravagant amounts just to stay afloat. Use managerial accounting. Managerial accounting helps managers within the company make decisions, while financial accounting only provides information to parties outside the company.

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Nov 15, 2019 · As the manager of a construction company, you may also need to assist with big-picture decisions. Some successful construction business models position the construction manager at the head of the company, while others place the manager below a CEO or owner. You might even have a board of directors to answer to.…