As such, your LinkedIn Company Page represents a huge opportunity to establish your brand as an industry thought leader and attract top talent. Here are seven steps Virginia Ballet Company can take How To Manage Linkedin Company Page to optimize your business page and improve your presence, authority, and recruitment prospects on the platform. Bonus: Download a free guide to discover four time-saving tools to help you grow your LinkedIn network faster.

Your profile image is first thing people searching for your company on LinkedIn will see, so make a good impression.

How you choose to hang your Company Pgae banner is up to you. Use simple, accessible language informed by keyword research to outline your business goals in words anyone will understand. Their bio accurately describes the scope of their main product without ever slipping into yawn-inducing wordiness.

This is how you have fun with LinkedIn while keeping things professional. Remember, LinkedIn is a professional space, and like every social media platform, it has Finance Company Business Model own set of unwritten rules. According to insights provided to Hootsuite from LinkedIn, completed Company Pages generally receive twice as many visitors than those with incomplete pages.

To optimize your LinkedIn company profile, ensure that your page includes the following information:. If the Company Page is Compan birds-eye view of your business and its core values, then Showcase Pages zoom in on your day-to-day activities. These highly-customizable pages are essentially tailored Electrical Equipment Company feeds on specific aspects of your organization.

Real Linkedi Showcase Pages require upkeep. They have their own distinct Hpw of followers, separate from your Company Page. Capitalize on this! LinkedIn Career Pages are an amazing way to bolster your recruitment efforts by showing your company culture in its best light. According to a survey by Jumpstart HR, the vast majority of job seekers value personal growth opportunities over anything else when considering a new workplace.

The Careers Page has a ton of other features, too many to list out in one blog post. Here are the major ones you Mqnage be aware of:. Like Showcase Pages, you should update your Careers Page regularly. This is a space to proudly represent your company as a hub of excellence and new ideas, so post whenever you can; the goal is to have people clamoring to work for you. With a good enough Careers Page, you might even win over a few employees from the Dark Side…I mean, your competitors.

Another way to build your brand and gather recommendations is to engage directly with customers and followers. LinkedIn publishes an annual list of the 10 best Company Pages. From a single platform you can schedule and How To Manage Linkedin Company Page content—including video—and engage your network. Try it today. Get Started. Fergus Baird is a freelance writer and editor.

If your download doesn't automatically begin, click here to get the guide. August 13, By: Fergus Baird. Get the free guide right now! Filed under: Social. About the Author Fergus Baird is a freelance writer and editor.

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Nov 21, 2016 · In my agency, I had to create a linkedin company page for a client. I started a new linkedin account with a fictionnal name, the client made it a member of its own company and from this profile I created a company page for the client. Problem is, yesterday I put a fake photograph as profile picture and at this moment, Linkedin suspended my account.…