Investors certainly crave performance, but they also demand transparency and consistent manager communication. There are three vital things to consider in promoting an investment fund, according to Max Hilton, Director of Peregrine USAwho recently spoke to investors and managers at Marcum LLPa leading accounting and advisory firm serving alternative investment firms.

Investors certainly crave performance, but they also demand transparency and consistent Brunswick Mining And Smelting Company communication, Hilton said.

He added that even with top performance a manager needs to communicate effectively to stand out from peers who may also be posting strong investment returns.

This then provides a platform and a structure for communicating with, and attracting, investors. Hilton argued that funds need to focus on the three Ps: pedigree, process, and presentation. The result is a memorable and distinctive corporate narrative translated through all marketing material and packaged How To Market An Investment Company a thought leadership series.

Brands build advocacy with investors through strong messaging and use performance as a corroborator rather than the sole USP. Getting attention for a brand requires the right distribution. Here the focus is on using the key marketing channels: website, direct email, private and third-party events, targeted press and the relevant digital outlets.

Using digital assets and populating them with thought leadership not only attracts visitors but allows a fund to better understand its investor audience. The third element in successful fund marketing is measuring outcomes. Audience engagement, Hilton noted, can be measured with analytics and proprietary lead generation software. Marketing funds successfully will help strong investment performance deliver tangible business rewards for both new and established fund firms over time.

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