Discussion in ' General Discussion ' started by kriskaMay 1, Search Unity. Log in Create a Unity ID. Unity Forum. Forums Quick Links. Unity Need a How To Name A Game Company for game development company Discussion in ' General Discussion ' started by kriskaMay 1, Joined: Apr 26, Posts: Hello everyone I need help with getting a name for my game company, it is really hard to make up one.

My company right now is working on a big horror project, so the name should sound serious, we are all professionals, above the indie level. We are not going to develop ONLY horror games, a future project of ours is a first person shooter game, set in present days. The horror game is also first person, high quallity graphics For graphics reference: Outlast 2. I really need some help with getting a name, the name is the selling point to a company, so it should be a good one.

Best Regards, Chris. Joined: Dec 27, Posts: 2, I suggest building your game, or at least a working prototype, before you worry about a name--for your company of all things. Talk to the person writing your story about the name of your company. Having randos on the internet name your company sounds unwise as well as decidedly unprofessional and rather "indie".

Look at the names around the industry. So there's really no big need for a really great company name. EternalAmbiguityMay 1, Joined: Oct 13, Posts: 5, MeltdownMay 2, Joined: Jan 10, Posts: 5, The Barking Spiders.

Very dangerous creature. JaimiMay 2, Joined: Nov 12, Posts: 6, Call it Bob. MurgilodMay 2, Joined: Jan 27, Posts: 6, Joined: Dec 5, Posts: 16, If it's professionals, you are paying them. And in that case you probably want a proper legal entity to cover liability and the like.

So a name is probably important. But it doesn't Qatar Distribution Company Liquor Price List to be a huge time investment. But that doesn't really matter. KiwasiMay 2, Joined: May 8, Posts: 8, Joined: Feb 9, Posts: 2, HolBolMay 4, Joined: Jan 27, Posts: Joined: Aug 20, Posts: Joined: Jul 12, Posts: 7, Joined: Feb 28, Posts: 1, WhippetsMay 7, Joined: Jun 9, Posts: AntoineDesbiensMay 7, Joined: Feb 12, Posts: 1, Kiwasi and AntoineDesbiens like this.

Joined: Dec 20, Posts: How about Lolplz as the name. SamuelMay 7, Joined: Kansas City Bridge Company 4, Posts: 5. Pixel Dream?

Joined: Oct 23, Posts: 1, TwiiKMay 7, Joined: Aug 4, Posts: 1, BrandyStarbriteMay 7, We could always work out a lisencing deal for BoredMormon Games. KiwasiMay 7, EternalAmbiguityMay 8, AntoineDesbiens likes this. Joined: Dec 6, Posts: 1, Call it Outsourced Development.

BlacklightMay 8, Joined: Jul 7, Posts: 4, I think the best name is a fairly plain one, because it makes it easier for people to identify it with whatever they want which, because you're good at what you do, will be exactly what you want them to How To Name A Game Company it with. You can turn a plain name into a very iconic one I think, but it's kind of harder to turn How To Name A Game Company really specific name into something iconic.

Personally I don't really like names with strong adjectives or unambiguous nouns especially both at the same I Just Need Some Company Tinashe. It sounds satisfying at first but after a while it's a bit grinding IMO. Something slightly evocative but perfectly ambiguous, such as Relic or Steam I know it's not a company but I think it would work to me is great. BillyMay 8, Joined: Mar 21, Posts: 5, Back Passage.

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