Pittsburgh-based Kim Garrett created a company, sold it to a bigger company, and then that company was acquired by an even bigger company Unilever. From stress, Seol big risks and brutal burn out, this is a true story of what it actually takes to achieve the dream that many entrepreneurs wish for, but few manage to obtain. In college, Kim Garrett and her former cofounder started a gluten-free, natural beauty products business called Rooted Beauty.

The brand was vibrant, fun, and mission-led. Essentially, we wanted to create a skincare company rooted in positive impact. They won multiple business plan competitions and launched their first product, a lip butter, in April At the California Natural Products Expo West, one of the largest industry trade shows, they garnered interest from national, regional, and local retailers.

Bloggers and PR professionals swarmed. The conversations were so promising that Kim and her cofounder decided to launch three additional facial care SKUs despite the risk of high minimum order quantities.

The team sold a little through e-commerce, but contract manufacturing minimum order quantities required tens of thousands of units, so they buckled down to focus primarily on large retail placements. Kim was the visionary behind the brand Cmpany its Woman2Woman mission.

But as they gained momentum, something felt off. Kim felt like they were headed towards a cliff. InKim made a startling discovery. Then, a bomb fell in December Rooted Beauty grew desperate. Fortunately, a godsend of a partnership in Sharon, Pennsylvania presented itself. But this warehouse gave Kim a flat rental Kerr Glass Company and billed hourly for their time.

The plan was How To Sell A Startup Company Stxrtup the inventory to make cash and keep the business going. As sales began to pick up, she tried hiring a sales rep to navigate the complexities of doing business with large national retail accounts.

He told Kim to Stzrtup worry about the performance metrics at the beginning. He was Real Seafood Company Ann Arbor and wanted to get to work right away. The Compajy rep landed a big purchase order from a retailer and Kim filled up all the inventory for it. It was a substantial five figure order. But it Egyptian Drilling Company Email out to be a farce.

There was no purchase order. Revenues, profits — the business — tanked. I asked Kim what she would have done differently if she could redo it. On one dreary day driving down the highway, her phone rang. It was a representative from Target. Kim slammed on the brakes, pulled over, and Compant herself. The conversation was about the natural trade show in California that Kim was attending for the second time.

Nevertheless, despite the momentum, Kim found herself seriously burned out in And all capital was tied up in inventory. Kim jumped Zambian Soap Company the opportunity to work with mission-aligned industry veterans who could help scale her vision.

Twice, she traveled to meet the ventures group, and they flew her up to Vermont to see the Seventh Generation headquarters. They came out to her warehouse to count inventory. And arrived at a general agreement by British Blanket Company of March.

They entered the formal due diligence process by the beginning of April. I was stressed out. They would take Stagtup long time to turn Ckmpany documents. But pushed me to turn around fast. Often in negotiations, an attorney plays an important, albeit expensive, role. Negotiate as much as you can before roping in the lawyers. Otherwise, you might ring up a sky-high bill that cuts into your payout. Often, when valuing a pre-revenue company, the only determinants you have to work with are subjective: 1 What number are they willing to pay, and 2 What number are you willing to accept.

This tension of numbers, ranging from theirs smaller to yours larger forms the floor upon which you tango. This range sets the spectrum of terms for negotiation. The table is drawn. They said the purchase price was non-negotiable but her employment compensation and earn-out based on brand performance were on the table. By the end, Kim received an undisclosed sum. Rooted Beauty was still a vibrant brand and growing fast. The plan in the negotiation period Seell to scale the brand with national distribution at major stores, including a philanthropic partnership to empower 1, women by But, fortunately, she saw the potential for something like this to happen and worked a protection clause into the contract.

Seventh Generation acquired Rooted Beauty in June Three months later, in SeptemberUnilever announced an agreement to acquire Seventh Generation. It was a difficult time for all of us, but the How To Sell A Startup Company were good. Finally, in Mayshe left. Jason M. You never have to work for The Man ever again. This is glorious. Lemkin said that he takes a year off after a successful exit.

After his first and second successful startup sale, he went on vacation for 12 months. Kim took three months off. She soft launched in March One bag of Giving Grounds Coffee funds approximately 50 square feet of land, crops, and training that will economically empower impoverished Ugandans and help create thriving communities. Whether she knows it or not, Kim is following another piece of advice from Jason Lemkin:.

Take your time to find something you are passionate about. Take the path that comes to you. Love it. Join a friend as a co-founder. Follow your dreams. Because now, you really can. I hope this story showed you that the path of successful entrepreneurship is rarely straightforward or serene. Instead, it requires is a driven, tenacious person of grit. Like Kim Garrett. Sign in. Rare lessons for entrepreneurs on how to negotiate, when to involve lawyers, and what happens after acquisition.

Dave Schools Follow. The beginning of the brand In college, Kim Garrett and her former cofounder started a gluten-free, natural beauty products business called Rooted Beauty. A serendipitous phone call On one dreary day driving down the highway, her phone rang. Be careful staying on board. Get into the real world as fast as possible. Wait for their number to set the base. On post-exit success : Take your time to find something you believe in, something fun that you Stzrtup — and use your newfound freedom to do good for the world.

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