The building industry is always in need of wires and cables for the building it makes and as a result you are guaranteed a good business. Are you interested in starting your own cable company? But starting any business can be really frustrating and irritating especially if you are a newcomer to the field!

But before you start your own cable company there are a few things you should be aware of like. But before you start your own cable company there are a few things you should be aware of like, You will need basic technical knowledge about cables before you can start your company.

You need to be aware of newer technological advances in the field of cables and how to transfer that knowledge to sales. Market research is really important. As a small company you cannot afford to spend a lot of money on the making and storage of the cables required for customers. Find out what type of customers you can count on for your orders and then decide on making the inventory for storage.

Planning is crucial to starting a new business. Make sure you have a detailed business plan for setting up your cable company and follow it to the tee. A good business plan acts as a detailed game plan on how much you can afford to spend on your business and when!

As the investment required for running your company will be quite high find out whether you are happy running it on your own or want to have a partner to help you out with the finances and the decisions. Take the time to gather your clients How To Start A Cable Company inform them of your services and what you are offering. Offer discounts for clients who buy How To Start A Cable Company bulk and have a lot of future sales.

All of these require cabling and frequent repairs. So, how would I go about the knowledge of Marketing sales of an cable company? I need information on starting a cable company in my community. I have land to put the towers on. I need information on how to start a cable company. I have an idea for cable users but no one will listen. Again I have a great idea for cable companies but I have no idea how to go about it.

I am really interested in owning my own business. What better way than to do something I know about. Please send me some info. My name is Toby and I am interested in starting a cable company in the area. I have been in the satellite business for about five years so I have a lot of experience in the field.

I have also been working on my own for the past 5 years so I am used to working without supervision. So is there Uganda Registration Services Bureau Company Forms way to use the cable already laid by comcast and take over their market if can convince the customers to switch, or does comacast have the monopoly on the market because the laid all the cables?

Thanks for help with this. Dear Gen, I would love to here if you found anything out from your question. I would love for someone to take over all of comcasts customers and put them out of business, someone needs to think seriously about this I know I have. Karen and Gen - here is what I know. You cannot use the lines that Comcast uses to compete with them because they own the lines.

A cable company puts the lines up at their own expense. What you would have to do is put up your own lines on the poles -called an over-build. In order to do this, you have to have pole attachment agreements, as built maps and franchise agreements with each town you plan to build. It is costly and the only way it would work would be to have a solid business plan, a state of the art head end and offer the high end technically advanced features such as triple play. Anything short of fiber to the home will land you bankrupt.

Feel free to fire off any questions. I have been in the industry for 15 years and can answer any question you have. Good luck. Hi I'm Located in Catalina island and I would like to start a in room video advertising for Hotels that will show when a guests turns to a How To Start A Cable Company channel as well as where they will have their own network set up and wired Gts Bus Company each of the rooms either using current wires or running a new wiring set up.

Shawn, What if i have a fantastic idea for the cable companies if they liked it could i sell it to them? I am fed up with the cable company and there prices.

I would like to start my own cable company so i can list my prices and channel line up. Newark, New Jersey, United States.

Want my own or share cable company. Hi, I want to start a cable manufacturing company. Need a reliable machine supplier. Shawn- I have a few questions. Hi I have the opportunity to acquire about miles of coax and fiber cable in a rural town in Tenn and would like to know where I could get the equipment for the Head and the cost. Thanks Pete. I would like to start a partnership business.

Twohopeton comcast. Thanks and I will be looking for an email. I also am sick of the cable companies high costs and before I ran into this page I thought it was impossible to start my own cable company.

I have a very good solution to high cable cost. My idea will create consumer interest and i feel it can What Company Has A Whale Logo market share quickly. No one has touched on how you source the channels which you would like to rebroadcast.

Does anyone have links to companies which sell equipment and can help you set up your own station? I hate how one company has channels another don't. I want to create my own company for cable to provided every American Channel there is.

Local Channels are all free and will Finger Lakes Distilling Company provided by state, so you will get all local channels from that state.

Still have to by but it's provided cheaper. You do the math! John, I am in the same situation as you. I am thinking of starting the same business in Haiti by bringing internet to homes in Haiti so everyone can have access to internet.

Please let me know what you find out. We might be able to share ideas. Marcel Dera. Respected friend i am interested for starting household wire manufacturing firm in Uttar Pradesh East area with also interested in opening solar lightening firm in village area.

Guide me what type of machinery require, please guide me regarding this all. Hey everyone, I am a cable technician with a very great ideas about starting a cable company, I have a set team that work very hard if anyone is interested please email me or call me at Hi i am kanav talwar from India Punjab and i Mutual Distributing Company Nc to set up a cable plant.

For that i would like to know about the machineryinvestmentarea required to set up a plant and marketing How To Start A Cable Company.

So please hit back as soon as possible. Out of curiosity I live in Alabama and am tired of one cable company monopolizing the customers it currently it provides service for. My question is what would be the potential startup cost be to get another cable company up and going? The cable company servicing here is How To Start A Cable Company in Arizona and if a channel freezes or goes out they drag their feet on getting the problem resolved.

I am in Michigan and in need to know how to become an independent contractor for installing cable. I been a field technician for two years working for ACI, contractor for comcast.

Looking to start my own. Pi have land but dont have idea how to start pls guide me. To all of you that want to start a cable company etc Please, really please!!! Start a cable company that will demolish all of them. What I mean is give better prices and none of that 3 or 6 month crap, keep the same price if your going to do a 2 year contract, non of that 1 year and then jacking up the price the second year.

Offer good channels too many channels suck. Good luck to you. Oh, and I will just stick with regular analog tv until someone can give me the best deal ever. Hello everyone. But i'm asking of anyone that may have the proper information on starting a local cable hd channel.

What are the regulations, what type of licenses are there and will i make money doing it this way or what. We travel from state to state installing cable. Hello friends my self mahesh maharashtra i want to start small house wire industries but i have no idea.

So please guide me my mo. I am looking to open or partner up a cable company dealing in copper in the northern new jersey region. I've been doing cabling for 6 years.

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Start a cable company that will demolish all of them. What I mean is give better prices and none of that 3 or 6 month crap, keep the same price if your going to do a 2 year contract, non of that 1 year and then jacking up the price the second year. Offer good channels too many channels suck. Good luck to you…