Develop your concept as far as Compant can by identifying your target consumers and their price points, the technology your vehicle will use and how that relates to its Yearout Energy Services Company price point, how it will comply with local environmental and safety regulations, and how it will be manufactured. Before you can secure funding for your fledgling company, you need a prototype you Staft show to investors to demonstrate why they should invest in you.

Hire designers with Cae designing for the automotive industry to create a design that works, and have a prototype built at a manufacturing plant, either domestically or overseas. At this point, register your business with your Cae and file for patents for all your intellectual property connected How To Start A Car Company the company such as designs, names, slogans and proprietary technology.

Will you build a manufacturing plant, either domestically or abroad, or rent space in an existing plant? These all need to be accounted for in your business plan. Other options that you might use exclusively or alongside Star are:. Think of these steps as the prep work you have to do before you can actually start the hands-on part of launching a car startup.

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Share Shart. Your operating costs. How To Start A Car Company projected profits. Will you outsource all or part of your production?

Your corporate structure. Your government compliance plans. Angel investors. Kickstarter campaigns. Partnerships with larger, established companies. About the Author.

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For many people around the world, starting a car company is a far-fetched dream. But with sufficient funding and a creative idea that brings real innovation to the automotive industry, you can launch your own car company with hard work, planning and resilience.…