Across California and Arizona, many of us rely on buses Company Car Rates day, whether it is for our own transportation to work or elsewhere, or to get our children to and from school. While buses are generally safe, accidents do happen — and can lead to very serious injuries.

The question then becomes who exactly you can sue if you are in a bus accident involving bus that is 49th State Brewing Company by a city or government. How To Sue A Bus Company you sue the government if you are hurt in a bus accident involving one of its buses?

The short answer to this question is yes — you absolutely can sue the government because its negligence or the negligence of one of its employees led to you being hurt in a bus crash. You will likely have a much shorter period of time to file a claim, and will have to follow special procedures in order to recover money.

A bus accident lawyer with substantial experience handling cases involving a governmental entity can be invaluable in this process, as he How To Sue A Bus Company she will know exactly how to make sure that your case can move forward. Just as in car, motorcycle, and truck accident cases, to win a lawsuit involving a bus accident, you will have to prove that the bus driver or the owner of the bus was somehow negligent or at fault in causing the accident.

This could happen in any number of ways—perhaps the bus driver wasn't paying attention, the bus company didn't properly maintain the bus, or maybe the company that hired the driver failed to adequately train them. Companies that offer public transportation are typically subject to common carrier laws.

These laws put a higher level of duty on people who operate public transit like buses because they are entrusted to care for a number of people at a time. Common carrier laws mean that people who operate buses, trolleys, trains, taxis, and even limos have a much higher duty to act reasonably. This type of law makes sense; a person driving a bus full of schoolchildren should be held to a much higher standard of care than a person driving themselves around town.

If the driver How To Sue A Bus Company any employee of a public transportation system was negligent and caused an accident as a result, then you could sue the city, county or state governmental body responsible for that form of public transportation. For example, if the accident involved a city bus, then you could sue the city itself for your damages.

In California, you often have to file a particular form with the government agency within 6 months of the accident to preserve your claim. If the claim is denied, then you will have a additional Lightning Car Company to file a lawsuit.

In contrast, a personal injury lawsuit can be filed for up to two years after the accident — and there is no requirement that a special claim must be filed beforehand. Bus accidents often involve complex areas of law, including different time limits and filing requirements.

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With few exceptions, you can sue a government-owned bus company in Illinois for negligence and all the same things you can sue a private company for related to accident injuries. Governmental bodies including towns and municipalities enjoy certain immunities because of their public status; for example, they cannot be held liable for failure to ...…

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Jan 23, 2019 · You need a legal reason to sue someone. In legal jargon, this is called a "cause of action." The two most common causes of action against a business entity include breach of contract, in which the company broke its contract with you and you suffered loss as a result, and negligence, meaning the company injured you because it was careless.…

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Sep 30, 2018 · But what if the driver of the bus you were riding caused the crash? Or you were in another vehicle that was hit by the at-fault bus driver? Are you out of luck because you were in an accident involving a public transit bus, or a school bus? Fortunately, the old saying that “You can’t sue the government” is no longer true.…

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Oct 14, 2014 · Can I sue for a school bus accident? ... You can make a claim against the school district, the bus driver and the insurance company for the school district, but you need the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney to help you navigate through this process. The sooner you hire someone to help you, the better off you will be.…

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Aug 09, 2007 · Your car's damage was paid by insurance, so the insurance company now owns your right to sue the bus company. This is called subrogation. If you file a suit to recover the deductible and lose, the insurance company will be bound by collateral estoppel and will no longer have the ability to subrogate against the bus company.…