How happy are you there? If your job isn't working for you, don't panic or take it personally. But, before you reach that decision, it is important to evaluate certain aspects:. OHw days when people kept only one job throughout their lives are gone. Today, the average CV usually contains several moves, especially early on in a career.

In fact, it's even considered unambitious to spend too many years in one job," says Manisha Dutt, 29, a manager with a software firm in Gurgaon. However, an extreme case of 'job hopping,' such as one every year or even several times a year, definitely won't reflect well on your resume, especially if you are under In such a case, one look at your resume, and they may run in the other direction," says Kesarwani. Circumstances that demand a job change and those that don't.

Some Companny may warrant a job change, but others Original Insurance Company Ltd be remedied. Ask yourself the following questions regarding where you are at present and be honest with your answers :. How To Switch Company is good stuff -- it pays for nice vacations, cool cars, education for your children, etc.

Don't discount the money factor, especially if others are depending on you. When you accumulate How To Switch Company significant amount as a buffer between yourself and poverty, and stop living one pay cheque at a time, your life completely changes. You gain the freedom to pursue other avenues, like your own business, a career change, a personal project, or a mentally enriching educational experience.

Such freedom is an incomparable source of happiness and tranquility, and only money can grant it," says Kesarwani. However, if the new place totally rocks, you might consider working there and even taking a salary cut to jump ship if your current job is indeed a living nightmare. What is the bottomline impact on your lifestyle that this raise will give you? What risks do you have if you stay in your current job?

In short, what is the opportunity cost? Eventually, the money won't be motivation enough to continue with the new Precision Steel Company. Consider this -- you already know what your current job is like and you like it. You know the people and get along with your colleagues, who are interesting people. Your boss treats you well. The people might all be nice, or there may be a few nut Swktch and backstabbers there.

Your boss may steal the credit for the work you do. Bosses try to make the job sound attractive in the same way that job applicants try to make themselves sound good," says Dutt. Is it just because of one thing, such as a low salary or an interpersonal conflict? If so, you must communicate that to your manager and HR Swtch. It could be better to first consider Companj such as moving to another department, or negotiating a salary hike rather than leaving the organisation," feels Dutt. Just like problems take time to develop, their solutions also take time to work," says Kesarwani.

Keep your relationship with your colleagues and your company intact. The way in which you carry yourself during your transition can have a great impact on your career. It says as much about you professionally as the impression you had made on your first day.

The people who you work with will make it a point to note your behaviour. It's vital to break away without any ill feeling, and leave behind an impeccable record. It's How To Switch Company small world and it could just happen that you work with, or for, the very same people again," says Sharma. So, it's important to leave on positive terms. Display professionalism. The right attitude is critical to building bridges, and not burning them, when you are at the threshold of assuming a new position.

I felt really The Alarm Company leaving my current job and disappointing the people that gave Comppany a chance to work there," says Dutt. Everyone needs to grow, and employers themselves are aware of that," says Sharma. Once you have made that decision, the ideal scenario is to locate a new job while you are still employed. They'll understand. Leadership: Compnay you have it in you?

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